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Riot Games’ competitive first-person shooter has a wide variety of playable characters to choose from. 

All Valorant agents have unique backgrounds that showcase their countries of origin, interesting personalities, and special abilities.

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Getting the right agent composition will give players a tactical advantage they can use to win games and rank up in Valorant.

When Valorant launched, it had 11 starting agents, with Brimstone, Jett, Phoenix, Sage, and Sova as the five characters players could use immediately. All other agents, including recently released characters, must be unlocked.

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Here is a complete list of all the Valorant agents, including their agent name, real name, role, country, and the patch they were released.

All Valorant agents

1. BrimstoneLiam ByrneControllerUnited StatesBetaMarch 2020
2. OmenUnknownControllerUnknownBetaMarch 2020
3. ViperSabine CallasControllerUnited StatesBetaMarch 2020
4. RazeTayane AlvesDuelistBrazilBetaMarch 2020
5. CypherAmir El AmariSentinelMoroccoBetaMarch 2020
6. SageLing Ying WeiSentinelChinaBetaMarch 2020
7. SovaSasha NovikovInitiatorRussiaBetaMarch 2020
8. UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownTBD
8. PhoenixJamie AdeyemiDuelistUnited KingdomBetaMarch 2020
10. JettSunwoo HanDuelistSouth KoreaBetaMarch 2020
11. BreachErik TorstenInitiatorSwedenBetaMarch 2020
12. ReynaZyanya MondragónDuelistMexicoPatch 1.0June 2, 2020
13. KilljoyKlara BöhringerSentinelGermanyPatch 1.5August 4, 2020
14. SkyeKirra FosterInitiatorAustraliaPatch 1.11October 27, 2020
15. YoruRyo KiritaniDuelistJapanPatch 2.0January 12, 2021
16. AstraEfia DansoControllerGhanaPatch 2.04March 2, 2021
17. KAY/OUnknownInitiatorUnknownPatch 3.0June 22, 2021
18. ChamberVincent FabronSentinelFrancePatch 3.10November 16, 2021
19. NeonTala Nicole Dimaapi ValdezDuelistPhilippinesPatch 4.0January 12, 2022
20. FadeHazal EyletmezInitiatorTurkeyPatch 4.08April 28, 2022
21. HarborVarun BatraControllerIndiaPatch 5.08October 19, 2022
22. GekkoMateoInitiatorAmericaPatch 6.04March 7, 2023
23. DeadlockUnknownSentinelNorwayPatch 7.0June 27, 2023
24. IsoUnknownDuelistChinaPatch 7.09October 31, 2023
25. CloveUnknownControllerScotlandPatch 8.04March 26, 2024

How many Valorant agents are there?

There are currently 23 playable agents in Valorant. Iso will be added to the game once Episode 7 Act 3 is released.

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According to Riot Games’ original content plans for Valorant, the development team aims to release a new agent every two to three months. However, the game developer has since lengthened their timetable to better develop new agents.

All Valorant agents and their abilities

Astra’s agent abilities

Astra in her Astral Form
Credit: Riot Games
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  • Astral Form (X): Entering Astral Form allows players to place Stars around the map that can be transformed into a Nova Pluse, Nebula, or Gravity Well.
  • Gravity Well (C): Activate a Star to form a Gravity Well. Players in the area are pulled toward the center before it explodes, making all players trapped inside vulnerable.
  • Nova Pulse (Q): Activate a Star to detonate Nova Pulse. The Nova Pulse charges briefly then strikes, concussing all players in its area.
  • Nebula/Dissipate (E/F): Activate a Star to transform it into a Nebula (smoke). Use a Star to Dissipate it, returning the Star to be placed in a new location after a delay. Dissipate briefly forms a fake Nebula at the Star’s location before returning.
  • Cosmic Divide (X): Cosmic Divide blocks bullets and dampens Valorant’s in-game audio.
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Breach’s agent abilities

Breach official Valorant art
Credit: Riot Games
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  • Aftershock (C): Fires a slow-acting bust charge that deals heavy damage through walls.
  • Flashpoint (Q): A fast-acting charge (flash) that blinds all players looking at it once detonated.
  • Fault Lines (E): A seismic blast that sets off a quake concussing all players caught in its zone.
  • Rolling Thunder (X): A larger seismic blast that sends a cascading quake through all terrain that dazes and knocks anyone caught in it.
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Brimstone’s agent abilities

Valorant, Brimstone, Art
Credit: Riot Games
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  • Stim Beacon (C): Stim beacon creates a field that grants players rapid fire.
  • Incendiary (Q): Launches a grande (molly) that detonates as it comes to a rest on the floor, creating a lingering fire zone that damages players within that zone.
  • Sky Smoke (E): A long-lasting (smoke) cloud that blocks vision in the selected area.
  • Orbital Strike (X): A lingering orbital strike laser that deals high damage to players caught in the selected area.

Chamber’s agent abilities

Valorant agent Chamber
Credit: Riot Games
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  • Trademark (C): A trap that destabilizes the terrain when an enemy agent triggers it. Once activated, it creates a lingering field that slows players caught inside.
  • Headhunter (Q): Equips Chamber with a heavy pistol that is similar to Valorant’s Sheriff handgun.
  • Rendezvous (E): Place two teleport anchors. While on the ground and in range of an anchor, reactivate to quicky teleport to another anchor point. Can be picked up and redeployed.
  • Tour De Force (X): Activate to summon a powerful, custom sniper rifle. Similar to Valorant’s Operator rifle, the weapon can kill an enemy with any direct hit. Killing an enemy creates a lingering field that slows players caught inside of it.
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Cypher’s agent abilities

Cypher official Valorant art
Credit: Riot Games
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  • Trapwire (C): A covert tripwire that can be placed in targeted locations. Enemy players who cross a tripwire will be tethered, revealed, and dazed after a short period if they do not destroy the device in time.
  • Cyber Cage (Q): A small device (smoke) that can be tossed in front of Cypher. It creates a zone that blocks vision and plays an audio cue when enemies pass through it.
  • Spycam (E): A camera that can be placed on the map. It can be used to gather information when activated. It also shoots marking darts that reveal the location of any player that is struck.
  • Neural Theft (X): This ultimate ability can be instantly used on dead enemy agents that will reveal the location of the enemy team.
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Jett’s agent abilities

Valorant patch 3.06, Episode 3 Act 1 agent changes, Jett, Valorant
Credit: Riot Games
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  • Cloudburst (C): Throws a projectile (smoke) that expands on impact with a surface. Can be curved mid-air with the direction of the player’s crosshair.
  • Updraft (Q): Propels Jett up into the air.
  • Tailwind (E): Jett instantly dashes toward the direction she’s moving towards.
  • Blade Storm (X): Jett equips a set of highly accurate throwing knives that recharge after each kill. It’s right-click (alt-fire) throws all remaining daggers but does not recharge the ultimate after a kill.

KAY/O’s agent abilities

KAY/O, Valorant
Credit: Riot Games
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  • FRAG/MENT (C): An explosive fragment (molly) that sticks to the floor and pulses multiple times, dealing near-lethal damage at the center with each explosion.
  • FLASH/DRIVE (Q): Throws a flash-bang grenade that blinds anyone in light of sight. Can be thrown far using the left-click, or lobbed nearby with the right-click.
  • ZERO/POINT (E): A suppression blade that sticks to surfaces it hits. Enemies caught in its explosion radius cannot use their agent abilities.
  • NULL/CMD (X): KAY/O overloads himself with polarized radianite energy, which causes energy pulses to emanate around him. Enemies hit by the pulses are suppressed for a short duration. While overloaded, KAY/O gains combat stim and can be re-stabilized if downed.
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Killjoy’s agent abilities

Valorant agent Killjoy
Credit: Riot Games
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  • Nanoswarm (C): A throwable grenade (molly) that can be placed around the map. It deploys a swarm of nanobots that deals damage within its radius.
  • Alarmbot (Q): A robot that hunts down enemies that get within its range. After reaching its target, the bot explodes and causes enemies to become vulnerable.
  • Turret (E): A turret Killjoy places on the map that automatically fires at enemies in a 180-degree cone.
  • Lockdown (X): A device that detains all enemies caught in its radius after a long windup. It can be destroyed by enemies before it detonates.

Omen’s agent abilities

Valorant agent Omen
Credit: Riot Games
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  • Shrouded Step (C): A channeling teleport ability that moves Omen to a marked location.
  • Paranoia (Q): A blinding orb that is thrown forward. Enemies hit by the flash have reduced vision and are deafened.
  • Dark Cover (E): A shadow orb (smoke) that can be placed on marked locations. The ability creates a long-lasting hollow shadow sphere that blocks vision.
  • From the Shadows (X): An ultimate ability that allows Omen to teleport anywhere on the map. While teleporting, Omen will appear as a Shade that can be destroyed by an enemy to cancel his teleport. Omen can also cancel his own teleport.
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Phoenix’s agent abilities

Valorant agent Phoenix
Credit: Riot Games
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  • Blaze (C): A wall of fire that blocks vision and damages players that pass through it. Players can bend the wall by moving their crosshair while casting the ability. It can also be used to heal Phoenix.
  • Curveball (Q): A flare orb (flash) that takes a curving path that detonates shortly after being thrown. Enemies caught by the detonating orb are blinded.
  • Hot Hands (E): A fireball (molly) that explodes upon hitting the ground and creates a lingering fire zone that deals damage to enemies. It can also be used to heal Phoenix.
  • Run it Back (X): Phoenix creates an expendable copy of himself that will expire after a short period of time, or when he is killed. After the ability is over, Phoenix is returned back to when he activated the ultimate ability with full health.

Raze’s agent abilities

Valorant agent Raze, Valorant mobile
Credit: Riot Games
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  • Boom Bot (C): A deployable forward-moving robot that bounces off walls. The ability will lock on any enemies in front of it and chases them down, exploding for heavy damage on impact.
  • Blast Pack (Q): An explosive projectile that can be thrown to surfaces. It can be used to deal damage or increase Raze’s forward momentum letting her glide through short distances.
  • Paint Shells (E): A cluster grenade that deals massive damage. The first explosion sends a cluster of smaller grenades where the ability was thrown.
  • Showstopper (X): Raze equips a rocket launcher that deals massive area damage in contact with anything.
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Reyna’s agent abilities

Valorant agent Reyna
Credit: Riot Games
  • Leer (C): An ethereal destructible eye (flash) that will near sight all enemies who look at it.
  • Devour (Q): An ability that allows Reyna to rapidly heal for a short duration of time after consuming a nearby Soul Orb. Health gained through this ability that exceeds 100 will decay over time. If her Empress ultimate ability is activated, Devour will automatically cast and will not consume the Soul Orb.
  • Dismiss (E): Reyna becomes intangible for a short duration after consuming a nearby Soul Orb. If her Empress ultimate ability is activated, she becomes invisible while in her Dismiss form.
  • Empress (X): Reyna enters a frenzy, increasing her fire-rate, equip, and reload speed. Grants infinite charges of Soul Harvest abilities.

Sage’s agent abilities

Valorant agent Sage
Credit: Riot Games
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  • Barrier Orb (C): Sage places a fortified wall that can block off enemy agents. The wall can be used to boost herself and her teammates.
  • Slow Orb (Q): An ability that can be thrown forward that detonates upon landing, creating a lingering field that slows players caught inside of it.
  • Healing Orb (E): A healing ability that gradually increases the health points of a damaged ally. The ability can also be used to heal Sage.
  • Resurrection (X): Revives a fallen ally and returns them with full health.
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Skye’s agent abilities

Skye official Valorant art
Credit: Riot Games
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  • Regrowth (C): A healing ability that gradually increases the health points of damaged allies who are within range and line of sight. Can be reused until Skye’s healing pool is depleted. Skye cannot heal herself.
  • Trailblazer (Q): Skye takes control of a predator that can scout ahead for her team. Using left-click will cause the predator to leap forward, exploding in a concussive blast and damaging directly hit enemies.
  • Guiding Light (E): Skye takes control of a hawk that can be moved using the player’s crosshair. While in flight, players can detonate the hawk which will flash anyone who sees it. Enemy agents that get flashed will cause Skye to give a hit-confirm audio cue.
  • Seekers (X): Sends out three Seekers that track down three of the closest enemies. If a Seeker reaches its intended target will make them nearsighted.

Sova’s agent abilities

Valorant agent Sova
Credit: Riot Games
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  • Owl Drone (C): Sova deploys a flying drone that can scout the map. It can also shoot marking darts that reveal the location of enemy agents struck by the dart.
  • Shock Bolt (Q): This ability sends an explosive bolt forward, detonating upon collision, and damages players nearby. The Shock Bolt’s range can be extended by holding down left-click, and right-click adds up to two bounces to the arrow.
  • Recon Bolt (E): Sova fires a recon bolt forward, activating upon collision and revealing the location of nearby enemies caught in the light of sight of the arrow. Enemies can destroy the bolt.
  • Hunter’s Fury (X): This ultimate charges up Sova’s bow with three long-range, wall-piercing energy blasts that deals damage and reveals the location of enemies caught in the line.
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Viper’s agent abilities

Viper in the backdrop of her ultimate, Viper's Pit
Credit: Riot Games
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports
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  • Snake Bite (C): Viper launches a canister that shatters upon hitting the floor, creating a lingering chemical zone that damages players who step on it and causes them to become vulnerable.
  • Poison Cloud (Q): A throwable gas emitter that releases a toxic gas cloud that blocks vision. Enemies in the gas cloud lose health over time, but they regain it once they’re out of it. The gas emitter can also be picked up and redeployed.
  • Toxic Screen (E): A long line of gas emitters that creates a tall wall of toxic gas that blocks off vision. The ability cannot be redeployed and can only be used once per round.
  • Viper’s Pit (X): Viper casts a chemical in all directions around her, creating a large cloud that reduces the vision and health of opponents inside the ultimate.
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Yoru’s agent abilities

Valorant agent Yoru
Credit: Riot Games
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  • Fakeout (C): An echo that mimics audio cue footsteps when activated. Yoru can cast the ability immediately using left-click, or plant the steps and activate them later on using right-click.
  • Blindside (Q): A thrown fragment (flash) that winds up once it collides with a hard surface. The ability must at least bounce once for it to explode.
  • Gatecrash (E): Sends a tether that Yoru can use to teleport. The tether can constantly be moving forward by using the left-click. It can also be left in place using the right-click.
  • Dimensional Drift (X): Yoru equips a mask that causes him to enter a different dimension where he is unable to be affected or seen by enemies from the outside. While in his ultimate form, Yoru can only be seen by enemies nearby.

Neon’s agent abilities

Valorant Neon
Credit: Riot Games
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  • Fast Lane (C): Fire two energy lines forward on the ground that extend a short distance or until they hit a surface with left-click. The lines rise into walls of static electricity that block vision.
  • Relay Bolt (Q): Throw an energy bold that bounces once. Upon hitting the targeted surface, the bolt electrifies the ground below with a concussive blast. Targets caught in the blast radius will be concussed for 3 seconds.
  • High Gear (E): Channel Neon’s power for increased speed. Press right-click while sprinting to activate Neon’s electric slide.
  • Overdrive (X): Activate to unleash Neon’s full power and speed for a short duration. Left-click will cause Neon to fire a deadly lightning beam she can channel with high movement accuracy.
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Fade’s agent abilities

Valorant Fade Banner
Credit: Riot Games
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  • Prowler (C): Sends a prowler forward that can be steered. Hold left-click to steer the prowler that will chase down the first enemy or terror trail it sees. Opponents hit by the prowler will be nearsighted.
  • Seize (Q): Left-click to throw a knot that drops down after a set time. Press left-click again to drop the knot early. Opponents hit by the knot will hold enemies in place for 4.5 seconds. They will also be deafened and decayed.
  • Haunt (E): Throw an orb that plummets to the ground after a set amount of time using left-click. Upon hitting the ground, the orb will turn into a nightmarish entity that will reveal the location of enemies caught in its line of sight. Enemies caught will also have a terror trail, which shows where they’ve been.
  • Nightfall (X): Send out a wave of nightmare energy that can traverse through walls. The energy creates a terror trail on opponents caught in the wave. They will also be deafened and decayed for 12 seconds.

Harbor’s agent abilities

Valorant Harbor
Credit: Riot Games
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  • Cascade (C): Cast a wave of water that moves forward and can go through walls with left-click. Players who get hit or go through the water wall will be slowed by 30 percent.
  • Cove (Q): Cast a sphere of shielding water that expands upon impacting the ground. The destructible water shield has 500 HP that can block bullets, but abilities can still pass through it.
  • High Tide (E): Create a wall of water that moves forward along the ground. Players can guide the water by holding left-click and directing it using their crosshair. It can pass through surfaces and players that get hit or pass through the water wall will have 30 percent less movement speed. Pressing right-click will stop the water early.
  • Reckoning (X): Use the full power of Harbor’s artifact and summon a geyser pool on the ground. Enemy players in the area are targeted by successive geyser strikers. Players caught within the area of the strike will be concussed for 2 seconds.
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Gekko’s agent abilities

Valorant agent 22 Gekko
Credit: Riot Games
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  • Dizzy (E): Fire to send Dizzy soaring forward through the air. Dizzy charges and unleashes plasma blasts at enemies in line of sight. Enemies hit by her plasma are blinded. When Dizzy expires she reverts into a dormant globule. Interact with the globule to reclaim the ability and gain another Dizzy charge after a short cooldown.
  • Wingman (Q): Fire to send Wingman forward seeking enemies. Wingman unleashes a concussive blast toward the first enemy he sees. Use alt fire when targeting a Spike site or planted Spike to have Wingman plant or defuse the Spike. To plant, Gekko must have the Spike in his inventory. When Wingman expires he reverts into a dormant globule. Interact with the globule to reclaim the ability and gain another Wingman charge after a short cooldown.
  • Mosh Pit (C): Fire to throw Mosh like a grenade. Alt fire to throw the ability underhand. Upon landing, Mosh duplicates across a large area and then after a short delay explodes.
  • Thrash (X): Fire to link with Thrash’s mind and steer her through enemy territory. Activate it will lunge Thrash forward and explode, detaining any enemies in a small radius. When Thrash expires she reverts into a dormant globule. Interact with the globule to reclaim the ultimate and gain another Thrash charge after a short cooldown. Thrash can be reclaimed once.
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Deadlock’s agent abilities

Valorant Agent 23 Deadlock key art
Credit: Riot Games
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  • GravNet (C): Press the Ability 1 key (C) to equip the GravNet grenade. Fire (left-click) to throw the ability. Use alt fire (right-click) to lob the grenade underhand. The GravNet will detonate upon landing, forcing any enemies caught within to crouch and move slowly. 
  • Sonic Sensor (Q): Press the Ability 2 key (Q) to equip Sonic Sensor. Fire (left-click) to deploy the ability. The sensor monitors an area for enemies making sounds. If footsteps, weapon fire, or significant noises are detected, it concusses that area.
  • Barrier Mesh (E): Press the Ability 3 key (E) to equip a Barrier Mesh disc. Fire (left-click) to throw the ability. Upon landing, the disc generates barriers from the origin point that will block character movement. Barrier Mesh will also block agent abilities, including Gekko’s Wingman.
  • Annihilation (X): Press the Ultimate key (X) to equip Nanowire Accelerator. Fire (left-click) to unleash a pulse of nanowires that captures the first enemy it comes to contact with. The cocooned target will be dragged along a designated nanowire route, and if the captured agent reaches the end of this path without being rescued, they will perish. The nanowire cocoon is destructive, and requires a number of bullets to destroy.

Iso’s agent abilities

Valorant Agent 24 Iso key art
Credit: Riot Games
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  • Contingency (C): Press the Ability 1 key (C) to assemble prismatic energy. Fire (left-click) to push an indestructible wall of energy forward that blocks bullets.
  • Undercut (Q): Press the Ability 2 key (Q) to equip a molecular bolt. Fire (left-click) to throw it forward, applying a brief fragile debuff to all players it touches. The bolt can pass through solid objects, including walls.
  • Double Tap (E): Start a focus timer. Once completed, enter a flow state during which downed enemies you kill or damage generate an energy orb. Shooting this orb grants you a shield, which absorbs one instance of damage from any source.
  • Kill Contract (X): Press the Ultimate key (X) to equip an interdimensional arena. Fire (left-click) to hurl a column of energy through the battlefield, pulling you and the first enemy hit into the arena. You and your opponent duel to the death.

Clove’s agent abilities

Valorant agent Clove key image
Credit: Riot Games
  • Pick Me Up (C): After securing a frag, players can press C to gain an overheal, similar to Reyna’s Devour ability. This grants another 100 health, encouraging controller players to take more duels. The ability costs only 100 credits, making it an affordable option for enhancing survivability.
  • Meddle (Q): Clove’s Q ability is Meddle, a throwable orb that temporarily decays all enemies caught in its area of effect. Upon contact, the orb inflicts 90 decay damage, effectively reducing affected enemies to a one-shot kill with Phantom or Vandal if they have half armor. The orb costs 250 credits, providing strategic value in disrupting enemy positions.
  • Ruse (E): Clove’s Ruse deploys smokes similar to Omen’s Dark Cover. Ruse is the same size as Brimstone’s and regenerates after only 30 seconds, compared to Omen’s 40-second regeneration time. The second smoke costs 150 credits, making it cheaper than Astra’s but slightly more expensive than Brimstone’s and Omen’s. A unique feature of Clove’s smokes is the ability to use them after death, providing strategic utility even after being eliminated.
  • Not Dead Yet (X): Clove’s ultimate ability, Not Dead Yet, allows them to self-resurrect after death. However, this ability has two major drawbacks. First, Clove can only activate Not Dead Yet a few seconds after being taken down, similar to Jett’s dash window. Second, players have a short time to seek cover after activation, as they become an easy target for nearby enemies. Not Dead Yet requires seven ultimate orbs to activate, one less than Sage’s Resurrection ultimate.

How to unlock agents in Valorant

Screenshot by Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

Every new Valorant agent can be unlocked through the Progression System that was introduced in Episode 7. When a new agent is released, players must participate in the 28-day event to unlock them.

Chamber in the Valorant Champions 2022 trailer from Riot Games
Credit: Riot Games, ONE Esports
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Players must earn enough XP within the event period.

To unlock previous Valorant agents, players will have to spend 1,000 VP or 8,000 Kingdom Points in the in-game store.

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  • Go to the ‘Agents’ tab in Valorant’s in-game store
  • Select the agent you want to unlock
  • Click on the “activate contract” tab
  • Gain 8,000 Kingdom Points to unlock an agent
  • Players can also spend 1,000 Valorant points to unlock an agent

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