Valorant youtuber “Flights”, has been dominating his unrated matches by making the most of Raze’s Blast Pack.

In this impressive montage video, he demonstrates how much ground Raze can cover in a short period of time by using her Blast Pack ability in quick succession. He even times this perfectly at the start of the round, to get past opponents and eliminate them unsuspectedly.

Flights released a tutorial video in which he explains how to do a single, double, and even triple jump boost to cover as much distance as possible.

One thing the video doesn’t cover is how character velocity and character movement works.

For those unaware, Valorant’s character movement is similar to that of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In both games, players can increase their character velocity by exploiting their character’s movement speed momentum. In CS:GO, this is called Bunny-Hopping; but in Valorant, players will need to rely on agent abilities like Raze’s Blast Pack to pull this off.

With the additional momentum given by Raze’s Blast Pack, this acts like a Run-Boost that players can abuse to cover long walkways in Valorant. First, you’ll need to find a high vantage point to maximize your forward momentum.

Next, you’ll need to jump in front of the Blast Pack, and detonate it once you’re in the right angle. Detonating the Blast Pack as soon as you jump will only propel your agent upwards. If you detonate the Blast Pack while your character is falling towards the ground, it will give you the most forward boost trajectory. If you detonate the Blast Back at the peak of your jump, it’ll give you both height and forward boost.

For the second Blast Pack, if you’re looking to cover more distance, you’ll want to detonate it a split second after the first Blast Pack, and you’ll need to look down to continue your forward trajectory. If you detonate the second Blast Pack too soon, you get more height; and if you detonate too late, you’ll miss the Blast Pack boost.

For the Triple-Rocket-Boost, you’ll need to activate your Showstopper ultimate and have it equipped while doing your first two Blast Pack boosts. This will shorten the Rocket animation, which will allow you to get three boosts in quick succession. You’ll also need to aim your Showstopper ultimate in the opposite direction you want to boost towards.

In Flight’s tutorial, he explains that it all comes down to knowing when to detonate your Blast Packs, to execute perfect boost plays. To see more of Flight’s amazing Valorant highlights, you can check out his YouTube channel.

During Valorant’s closed beta period, most of the high-level players agreed that Raze was one of the best agents in the game. In response, Riot decided to nerf her in the game’s first-ever patch (Valorant patch note 0.47). The devs decided to lessen her lethality by reducing her Paint Shell ability from 2 to 1. But this hasn’t stopped players like Flight from trying to master the agent, as she still remains one of the most versatile characters on the Valorant roster.

Flight’s Raze Blast Pack boost demonstration is reminiscent of Counter-Strike player “Phoon” — an unknown CS: Source player who abused the bunny hop mechanic in online matches.

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