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Positioning is one of the key facets of Valorant and the best way to know where the enemy team is. An accurate Sova Recon Bolt lineup will definitely help with that.

Redditor KhigenNA took the time to pen down the best dart spots for Sova on Haven, the only map in Valorant that has three spike sites.

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These carefully placed Sova darts could provide crucial information to let your team know how many players are holding a certain portion of the map.

Follow the yellow markers on the images to aim the lineups.

5 Sova Recon Bolt lineups on Haven

The first dart can be fired from the A Site, next to A Link.

Stand next to the double-stacked box and point your crosshair to the sky, aiming at the branches. Without any bounce charges, shoot a two-bar Recon Bolt.

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The dart will land at the entrance of A Lobby, which is perfect for spotting a rush or if the attackers are just holding.

Next is another defender Sova lineup that can be shot near the gong of the B Site.

Stand at the back of the site, near the side of A Link, and shoot a two-bounce charge, full-power dart aimed at the roof of B Site.

The arrow will land right outside Attacker Side Spawn, before the grassy area in front of the Garage doors.

Sova’s Recon Bolt can also be used from C Site towards C Long because of where the arrow lands. Both teams often engage in prolonged gunfights between C Site and C Long.

A dart shot from the back of C site next to C Link with no bounce charges and two bars of power will land on a tree branch above C Long.

The last two darts can be fired from the same spot in A Garden. Both arrows will aim at a specific portion of the B site.

The first arrow will spot defenders holding near the entrance of the B Site. The second dart will spot defenders hiding at the back of the B Site.

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To execute these lineups, stand next to the small vase on the first elevated level at A Garden. Next, aim for the tip of the structure covering B Site.

Use two bounce charges and two-bars power to get the dart to land at the back of B Site.

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To land the Recon Bolt at the front of the B Site, aim even higher at the structure covering the B Site and two bounce charges and two bars of power.

These five simple darts could help you figure out which sites on Haven have the least defenders. They could also spot which site the attackers are planning to hit at the start of the round.

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