Valorant Agent 24, Iso, is locked and loaded.

He has the potential to be an unstoppable force for skilled duelist mains, but mastering the Iso ultimate Kill Contract will require some savviness to ensure success in one-on-one combat.

Kill Contract is an AOE ultimate that expands from where it was cast. The first opponent caught in its radius is pulled into an interdimensional arena, where they go up against Iso in a one-on-one duel.

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Pulling an opponent to an isolated duel to the death doesn’t seem like an advantage since the winner will always be the one with the best aim.

But understanding how Kill Contract operates can be a game-changer for you and your team.

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All the advantages you get when using the Iso ultimate

Valorant agent 24 Iso in the Riot Games Myths new duelist trailer
Credit: Riot Games
Iso abilities explained: Destroy your opponents with his Domain Expansion

When his ultimate ability is available after you collect seven orbs, there are certain considerations to keep in mind. First, assess the enemy team’s economy. 

If they are on a low buy, you can opt to target an enemy with a pistol or, even better, take the opportunity to eliminate a troublesome Judge user. The Kill Contract ultimate will teleport you and your opponent far apart, rendering the Judge ineffective.

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If your opponents aren’t on an eco round, try to figure out where the enemy sentinel agent is on the map. Without their utility to help them, Cypher and Killjoy will be the perfect targets to pull into the Kill Contract arena. Once they’re dealt with, your team should have an easier time taking control of a site.

Lastly, consider focusing your attention on the enemy team’s bottom fragger. Eliminating this player will give your team a man advantage, increasing the chances of trading kills to win the round.

While these tips don’t guarantee victory in every duel, they should boost your confidence to engage with easier targets that can result in more kills.

You can watch Iso’s gameplay trailer below.

Iso is available from October 31 when Episode 7 Act 3 is released.

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