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Duelists take on the pivotal role of leading the charge for any agent lineup. 

Armed with abilities that allow for an aggressive playstyle, these agents are crucial in securing those all-important entry frags, clearing paths for their teammates to follow suit.

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Credit: ONE Esports, Riot Games
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Here is a look into the best duelists on Sunset who should be in your agent comp.

Sunset is a map where teams depend heavily on their duelists to create opportunities. Therefore, having a duelist with explosive abilities and skills that allow them to traverse the map quickly is essential.

Ranking the best duelists on Sunset

5. Yoru

Valorant guide with Yoru and Gekko knife kill combo
Credit: Riot Games, Screenshot: Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

Yoru is the wildcard of Sunset, capitalizing on the map’s numerous openings and opportunities for flanking maneuvers.

Yoru’s Blindside flash can disorient defenders, creating opportunities for quick kills, while his Fakeout decoy can distract and confuse his opponents. Yoru thrives on unpredictability, making him a disruptive force on Sunset.

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His Dimensional Drift allows him to infiltrate deep into enemy territory, calling out where the enemy team’s location is. This ultimate will also cause defenders to watch their flank since Yoru could teleport back to his Gatecrash orb or exit his ultimate behind enemy lines.

On attack, go to Mid tiles and align his Gatecrash towards Mid top. Throw a combination of Yoru’s Fakeout and Blindside toward Mid top and activate his Gatecrash to surprise and disorient defenders.

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To increase your chances of taking Mid control, pair Yoru’s teleport with an initiator ability such as Sova’s Owl Drone or Skye’s Trailblazer. This should force defenders to retreat. Taking Mid control will split defenders, and your team will have the option to push the A or B site.

4. Phoenix

Valorant visual key art of Phoenix by Riot Games
Credit: Riot Games

Phoenix’s fiery agent abilities make him a versatile duelist on Sunset. Curveball flash and Blaze wall smoke can effectively clear corners and obstruct enemy sightlines, creating valuable entry opportunities for his team.

He can also clear corners from afar by throwing his Hot Hands molly to close-corner defenders. Phoenix’s most potent tool in his agent kit is his Run it Back ultimate. With this ability, he can force defenders to use up all their abilities during your initial entry attempt.

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What’s particularly advantageous is that it only requires six ultimate orbs, allowing your team to use it multiple times in each half.

Controller agents are highly effective in Sunset because they can block out multiple lines of sight. Phoenix is a duelist who can use smokes to his advantage because he can use them as cover to get close and use his Curveball flash on entry, instead of just throwing them through corners.

3. Neon

Neon using her High Gear ability
Credit: Riot Games

Neon’s unique blend of mobility and utility makes her a compelling choice for Sunset’s dynamic landscape. Her Fastlane wall smoke can create cover and disrupt enemy lines of sight, allowing her team to advance or defend more effectively.

Her High Gear sprint provides her with unmatched mobility, allowing her to traverse the map and surprise opponents swiftly. While her Relay Bolt stun might be less potent for corner clearing, Neon excels in covering the ground and outmaneuvering her opponents.

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When she combines her abilities with those of an initiator agent, such as Sova’s Recon Bolt and Owl Drone, or Fade’s Haunt or Prowler, she can effectively catch defenders who are slow to retreat.

The layout of Sunset is perfect for agents like Neon, who can quickly traverse the terrain. With good map awareness, you can utilize Sunset’s shortcuts to maneuver behind the enemy team effectively.

2. Jett

Jett in Valorant's RETAKE cinematic trailer
Credit: Riot Games, Screenshot: Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

On Sunset, Jett mains should adapt their playstyle to focus on coordinated attacks and strategic positioning to maximize the duelist’s effectiveness.

Jett can obstruct the enemy team’s line of sight using her Cloudburst smokes and provide an entry point for her team by using her Tailwind dash to bypass the enemy team’s utility on the A and B sites of Sunset.

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When Jett combines her Blade Storm ultimate with Updraft, she can surprise defenders and create vertical sightlines that most other duelists aren’t capable of.

Jett remains a viable choice for Sunset because she still stands as the most effective Operator user among all duelists because of her agent abilities.

1. Raze

Valorant agent Raze seen in the Color of the Town One Year Celebration video by Riot Games
Credit: Riot Games, Screenshot: Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

Raze’s unrivaled explosiveness makes her the best duelist on Sunset. Her Paint Shells can force enemies out of entrenched positions, making it challenging for defenders to hold their ground.

Furthermore, her Boom Bot can scout tight spaces, revealing defenders’ locations and putting additional pressure on the opposition. She can cover a significant distance using her Blast Pack satchels, enabling her to move through mid rapidly.

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Since Sunset has so many narrow choke points, the potential to get multiple kills with her Showstopper ultimate is high.

Raze’s skill set excels in disrupting defensive setups and creating opportunities for her team to seize control.

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