Team Liquid’s Jonas “Average Jonas” Navarsete is a master of Sova and a sharpshooter virtuoso. His lineups are the stuff of legend and his grasp of the Russian initiator is unparalleled.

Recently, the multi-talented Twitch streamer shared yet another patented Average Jonas Sova lineup that will help you shut down any push up tube into kitchen on Icebox.

The best part about this lineup is that you don’t even need to put yourself at risk when shooting your opponents. They won’t know what hit them.

Defend kitchen with this Average Jonas Sova lineup on Icebox

Credit: Average Jonas

This is a Recon Bolt arrow that every Sova player should know on Icebox, according to the Valorant streamer on Twitter.

Before the start of the round, you’re going to need a high-penetration weapon like the Sheriff, Ares, Odin, or Operator because you’ll be shooting your opponents through a wall.

As a defender, you’re going to stay on mid-boiler. Make sure to check mid to see if attackers are entering through B-tube. Attackers often smoke this location right next to the underpass to confuse defenders.

When you believe the attackers have made their way into mid-kitchen, simply triple bounce a Recon Bolt at the corner of the metal wall by the entryway of B-tube. This particular Average Jonas Sova lineup will put your Recon Bolt inside mid-kitchen and scan opponents nearby.

Once the attackers are tagged, simply wall bang and eliminate them to clear mid-kitchen. If you’re worried about getting shot from mid, simply hug the left wall to avoid exposing yourself to opponents peeking mid.

What makes this one of the best Average Jonas Sova lineups on Icebox is that you don’t have to be standing at a specific location that could be detrimental to the team.

It’s relatively quick and easy to execute as well and doesn’t require pixel-perfect precision to pull off reliably, which should be a hallmark of all good lineups.

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