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Valorant is a game that requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking. One of the most common tactics players use is to flash their opponents, temporarily blinding them and making it easier to take them down.

But what if there was a way to stop these flashes in their tracks? Enter Viper’s Poison Orb. This powerful ability can deny your opponents’ vision and save you from getting flashed.

A Valorant player named “hippopanda” shared on Reddit that Viper’s Poison Cloud can neutralize enemy flashes if you activate it at the right time.

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How to counter flashes with Viper’s Poison Cloud

Valorant official art showing Haven map and Viper in action
Credit: Riot Games

The mechanics behind the counter flash indicate any type of flash that activates within the area-of-effect circle of Viper’s Poison Cloud will neutralize the blind.

Players must activate the smoke as soon as the flash pops, which is why players will need to listen closely for when an enemy’s flash is about to go off. The Poison Cloud can even counter a perfectly timed pop flash by Yoru.

The only agent who can still flash through the Poison Cloud is Omen because his Paranoia flash travels through its intended targets.

To effectively counter the enemy team’s flashes, you can utilize the Poison Cloud ability by strategically throwing it in the general direction where you anticipate the enemy team to use their flashes.

This tactic can be particularly effective against opponents such as Phoenix and Reyna, as their flashes can only be thrown from short distances, making them easier to predict and anticipate.

Breach, KAY/O, Skye, and Yoru’s flashes can be used from long distances, which makes these blinds much harder to catch in the Poison Cloud.

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