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Valorant map Pearl contains long, narrow lanes and interconnecting corridors.

It is a sprawling underwater playground that demands a keen grasp of how to use utility to gain control of Mid in order to secure victory.

The sheer proportions of Pearl mean that a single controller composition may not be the best. There are multiple crisscrossing sightlines to block off on the underwater map, and having two controllers will give you a lot more flexibility in terms of mid-round rotations and adaptations.

Here’s the best agent composition to play on Pearl.

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What’s the best agent composition to play on Pearl?

Viper, Astra, Cypher/Chamber, Fade, Raze

Valorant Viper Astra
Credit: Riot Games, ONE Esports

Viper is an obvious pick as the go-to controller on the map. Her Toxic Screen wall is invaluable — it is a free, signature ability and can block off more than one sightline on both sites. For instance, she can cut B site into half and obscure B Tower with her Poison Cloud, allowing attackers to go for an early plant.

However, her wall cannot be retrieved, and her fuel drain when both Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud are active is very punishing. This limits her options if her first wall setup does not go as planned, and also means that her team has a very small time window to execute when both her wall and smoke are up.

This weakness can be overcome with a second controller. Astra is looking like a solid pick, because her ability to deploy smokes globally is a crucial advantage on a map the size of Pearl. While her four Stars mean she may struggle on her own, she should thrive in compositions that have a Viper to fall back on.

At the same time, her Gravity Well and Nova Pulse may prove invaluable in pushing defenders off pesky angles.

Cypher official Valorant art
Credit: Riot Games

When it comes to picking your sentinel agent, you can’t go wrong with Cypher. His two Trapwires provide a distinct advantage over Chamber’s single Trademark slow when it comes to watching the flanks, and his Spycam can provide key information on the opposite end of the map.

Alternatively, because of the long sightlines on B site, Chamber can be played in place of Cypher to take advantage of his oppressiveness on the Operator. With multiple vantage points to hold from, the French sentinel will be difficult to dislodge from B site.

Fade is shaping up to be one of the strongest initiators on Pearl. Her two Prowlers are perfect for clearing the tight corners at Mid or A Art, helping her team take space early in the round. The Nightfall ultimate also covers nearly the entirety of both spike sites, which should help in executes or site retakes.

The best duelists to play on Valorant Pearl map according to ONE Esports featuring Neon
Credit: ONE Esports, Riot Games
The best duelists to help you dominate Valorant map Pearl

Brazilian duelist Raze is good for most of the same reasons that Fade is. Her Boom Bot serves as yet another valuable recon tool, and her Paint Shells grenades can be combined with Fade’s Seize tether to flush enemies out of the map’s many corners and small spaces or even deal lethal damage.

The Raze-Fade combination is used in pro play, particularly in the EMEA region, and Pearl looks like the ideal playground for the dynamic duo.

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