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Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, widely regarded as the most renowned Valorant player globally, captivates audiences and fellow professionals with his unparalleled aim and lightning-fast reactions.

Emulating TenZ’s distinctive playstyle and precision may seem nearly impossible, yet through comprehensive TenZ Valorant guides, you can gain valuable insights and a competitive edge across various facets of the game.

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Explore these guides to elevate your skills and navigate the dynamic world of Valorant with a TenZ-inspired prowess.

Complete list of TenZ Valorant guides

Sentinels TenZ Valorant Champions 2021
Credit: Riot Games

TenZ’s settings and PC gear

Phantom or Vandal: nAts explains which Valorant rifle is best for you
Valorant entry frag guide: How duelists can make a real impact, according to vice
Yay’s Valorant settings: Keybinds, crosshair, PC, monitor, mouse
Shroud’s Valorant settings: Keybinds, crosshair, PC, monitor, mouse
The best Valorant settings for performance, according to a Riot dev
TenZ’s PC, crosshair, keybinds, and mouse settingsSettings that he uses when he plays Valorant.
TenZ says you should turn off this settingThis setting will help you control your recoil and spray more accurately.
Everything you need to know about TenZ’s Finalmouse Starlight ProSpecs of his custom-made mouse.
Complete review of TenZ’s Finalmouse Starlight ProWill his custom-made mouse help you become better in Valorant?

Agent, map, and ranked guides

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TenZ’s 10 tips on how to rank up in ValorantThe pro shares how you can improve in Valorant.
TenZ picks between the Phantom and VandalLearn which rifle he prefers and why.
TenZ’s spray control and economy guideA beginner’s guide on weapon spray patterns and economy.
TenZ’s Aim Lab Valorant warm-up routineThis routine will help you refine your aim.
TenZ’s quick-swap guide with ChamberLearn how to quickly switch to the Headhunter pistol.
How to play Brimstone like a duelistDefeat opponents using Brimstone’s utility.
TenZ’s Valorant skin tier listLearn which Valorant skins the pro prefers and why.
TenZ shares his anime tier list
Credit: ONE Esports

TenZ’s anime fandom

TenZ explains what is the “anime buff”Learn how the pros channel their anime persona to play better.
TenZ’s anime tier listHis top 20 anime of all time.
TenZ’s Spy x Family reviewHe explains why the spy comedy is a must-watch.

TenZ’s exclusive merch

TenZ’s limited edition apparelHis very own personal merch line is called Project T.
TenZ’s secret mouseTenZ is creating his own FPS mouse from scratch.

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