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If you’re an initiator main in Valorant, you know just how important it is to have solid Sova lineups.

These recon arrows will be a strong asset when playing on Icebox and they could give your team a significant advantage in a match.

To find the best and most effective lineups, we turned to everyone’s favorite Sova virtuoso who has already done most of the leg work.

Jonas “AverageJonas” Navarsete is known for his mastery of the blue-eyed Russian initiator, to the point where he’s able to win entire rounds off the back of clever ability usage.

The Norwegian streamer has updated key lineups on Icebox to account for the new map layout, and every Sova main should be studying them.

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Average Jonas updates his Sova lineups for the new Icebox

Prevent defuse on default plant on B

This double Shock Bolt lineup is great for stopping the defuse in post-plant situations.

At B Green, hug the corner between the container and the crate. Align the top left corner of your left mouse indicator with the markings on the container. Charge to a single bar, add one bounce, then fire.

For the second dart, you’ll want to aim at the transparent screen behind you instead. Place your left diamond marker at the bottom of the clear screen, charge all three bars and add two bounces, then let go. The dart will bounce from the screen to Yellow and impact the default plant area.

Valorant Sova Icebox default plant
Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/ONE Esports

For a better chance of success, you should plant the spike facing outwards, so enemies can’t defuse it from around the corner.

Stop default plant on B

The removal of the lower container on B site also changes the double Shock Bolt lineup to stop the default plant from Snowman. The new lineup first requires you to align the edge of the main building with the gray panel on the outer wall.

Average Jonas Sova lineups stop B plant
Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/ONE Esports

Next, place the first bar of your Shock Bolt meter on the gray end of the crane. Charge to a single bar and then let go. For the second dart, align the left corner of your meter with the corner marking on the building. Charge to maximum, set it to a single bounce, and fire.

The two Shock Bolts will land on default in rapid succession, killing anyone planting.

For Average Jonas’ complete explanation on the lineups, you can check out his full video below.

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