Updated on October 22, 8:30 a.m. (GMT+8): Added League of Legends’ Mordekaiser.

When it comes to innovative gameplay and pushing the boundaries of the competitive FPS genre, Valorant has consistently delivered.

On October 19, Riot Games unveiled its 24th agent, Iso, a Chinese duelist with an intriguing background as a shadowy assassin.

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Following the Myths agent trailer, the Iso Kill Contract ultimate has stolen the spotlight, and for good reason.

The Kill Contract ultimate is an ability that has sparked comparisons to various gaming concepts. Some players liken it to Call of Duty‘s Gulag, where players are thrust into one-on-one duels. 

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Others draw parallels to the Domain Expansion technique from the popular anime series Jujutsu Kaisen. But for MOBA enthusiasts, this ability closely resembles a mechanic often seen in their favorite games.

Iso Kill Contract ultimate brings MOBA mechanics to Valorant’s competitive FPS world

Valorant duelist Iso agent ultimate Kill Contract
Credit: Riot Games

Before we start making comparisons, it is essential to understand how Iso’s Kill Contract works.

Once cast, the ultimate’s AOE expands, and the first opponent caught in its radius is pulled into an interdimensional arena. 

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Iso and his opponent engage in a one-on-one aim duel inside this arena. Iso has the upper hand in this duel, with two barriers to mask his movements, whereas his opponent has only one. After a brief period, the barriers drop, and the victor of this duel returns to the map.

MOBA fans, particularly those from MLBB and Dota 2, will find this mechanic reminiscent of specific ultimate abilities in their games.

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In MLBB, the hero Yin boasts an ability called My Turn, which operates similarly to Iso’s Kill Contract.

Yin’s ultimate pulls an enemy into his domain for up to eight seconds, granting both heroes unique advantages within the domain. If Yin successfully defeats the enemy, he gains significant benefits.

Dota 2 players may recognize a comparable mechanic in Legion Commander’s Duel ultimate.

When cast on an opponent, both Legion Commander and the target enemy hero are compelled to engage in a duel, unable to use items or abilities.

The hero who wins the Duel receives permanent bonus damage, making it a pivotal aspect of the game.

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Another character who shares a similar ultimate to Iso is Mordekaiser, a champion from League of Legends. When this tanky damage dealer activates his ultimate, enemy units trapped within it perceive each other as spirits. This causes them to consider each other as if they were dead, effectively nullifying any interactions between them.

Only Mordekaiser and his target are able to enter this special realm, and other champions cannot join them. All actions and events that transpire within this Death Realm remain hidden to units outside of it, and the same applies in reverse.

While there are similarities between these MOBA abilities and Iso’s Kill Contract, it’s worth noting that Valorant’s execution is more complex.

Players must consider their weapons and target selection, making it challenging to pinpoint who to pull, making it difficult to always win in the arena.

Iso is available from October 31 when Episode 7 Act 3 is released.

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