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To gain a competitive advantage in Riot Games’ tactical competitive shooter, staying informed about the current Valorant map pool is crucial. 

If you’re aspiring to climb the ranks and improve your game, you need to know the best agent comps, lineups, and strategies. That starts with a solid understanding of the maps you’ll be playing on.

To help you stay up-to-date, we’ve compiled a list of all the maps currently in the competitive queue.

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All maps in the active Valorant map pool (updated September 2023)

  • Ascent
  • Bind
  • Breeze
  • Haven
  • Lotus
  • Split
  • Sunset


Valorant map Ascent overview
Credit: Riot Games

Ascent is considered a fan-favorite map, drawing players in with its Venetian-inspired Italian design. Its distinctive layout and sightlines have earned it favor among gamers who relish both long-range battles and close-quarters skirmishes.


Valorant's new map
Credit: Riot Games

Bind stands out in Valorant due to its distinctive teleporters, a feature not found on any other map. These teleporters offer players the ability to navigate the terrain, demanding constant vigilance and adaptability swiftly. It’s a map that keeps players on edge, always ready for unexpected shifts on the battlefield.

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Valorant's sixth map Breeze
Credit: Riot Games

Breeze is known as Valorant’s beach-themed map. With its sprawling layout and long sightlines, Breeze challenges players to master long-range engagements while navigating its open spaces.


Valorant official art showing Haven map and Viper in action
Credit: Riot Games

Haven sets itself apart in Valorant with its unconventional three spike sites, breaking away from the standard two-site structure. This distinctive layout challenges players to continuously adjust their strategies, fostering an environment ripe for tactical creativity and innovation.


Valorant Episode 6 Act I map Lotus
Credit: Riot Games

Lotus is Valorant’s second three-site map, introducing unique features that make it an interesting setting. The map also features rotating doorways on A and C sides and a destructible wall between A Main and A Link, offering strategic options and challenges for players to explore.

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Valorant Split map
Credit: Riot Games

Split’s distinct feature is its complex urban terrain, characterized by multi-level structures and tight passageways, offering a different tactical experience. With its unique verticality, players must adapt to the challenges of navigating elevated and ground-level positions, creating intense firefights. 


Valorant Sunset map overhead shot
Credit: Riot Games

Sunset boasts a classic layout with two spike sites and three distinct lanes, embracing a traditional map design. The Los Angeles-themed map also incorporates mechanical doors reminiscent of those found on Ascent, introducing dynamic elements to gameplay.

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Valorant map rotation: Why only seven maps?

Valorant’s Lead Map Designer, Joe Lansford, made it clear in a map update on June 17, 2022, that the 5v5 tactical shooter will always have seven maps in the competitive pool.

Lansford explained that having a whole bunch of maps will lead to a steep learning curve for all players.

“The team thinks seven is a nice sweet spot that offers both variety and mastery,” he said. “You don’t have to spend all your time learning new angles, lineups, and strategies. New players will have an easier onboarding experience.”

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