Killjoy is one of the best agents in Valorant for holding post-plant situations or retaking sites with her Lockdown ultimate.

With a high-tech arsenal that includes Nanoswarm grenades, an Alarmbot, and a sentry Turret, she can be a perpetual thorn in the side of the opposing team.

This Killjoy lineup, using her Nanoswarm molly and Lockdown ultimate, can help you retake A site on Haven after the spike has been planted.

In a 3v3 retake on Haven against Built By Gamers during Valorant’s Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship, a new T1 roster with Joshua “steel” Nissan at its helm demonstrated a textbook example of how to execute this perfectly.

Killjoy lineup to retake A site on Haven with Lockdown and molly

After the spike was planted BBG, T1’s goal was to retake the site.

Zander “thwifo” Kim on Killjoy used Lockdown in the corner of A Link on Haven, which covers the entire site except for a small sliver of cubby at A Long.

This forced Sean “bang” Bezerra to push out toward the defender’s spawn, while the remaining two players retreated to cubby to avoid getting detained by the Lockdown ultimate.

Killjoy lineup to retake A site on Haven
Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/ONE Esports

Anticipating this, thwifo followed up with a Nanoswarm molly toward cubby, denying BBG their safe spot. This Killjoy lineup also forced BBG’s Joseph “Bjor” Bjorklund and Aaron “b0i” Thao to expose themselves to A Long, as they had to avoid taking damage from the molly.

Rahul “curry” Nemani then flanked toward A Long to cut the two players off, taking down Bjor, while b0i got detained.

This Killjoy lineup requires good teamwork to pull off smoothly. Above all, you should remind your team in Valorant to wait for Lockdown to go off before entering A site. You don’t want to botch the retake by running in too early into the waiting crosshairs of your opponent.

Finally, get a teammate to approach A site from Long where possible, in order to catch any opponents who fall back toward A Short or A Long.

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