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South Korean speed demon Jett is arguably the most versatile character in Valorant’s agent pool.

As a dashing duelist, she can get away with extremely risky plays that could otherwise lose you crucial rounds.

She is also one of the most-picked agents in the game — a staple that you are almost certain to face in nearly every game. This is why learning how to counter Jett can help you improve your game and climb the ranks in Valorant.

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To counter Jett, learn how she plays

Jett in Valorant's RETAKE cinematic trailer
Screenshot by Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

Jett has plenty of tricks up her sleeves that make her a great entry agent. She can create cover for herself using Cloudburst smokes and get to higher vantage points using her Updraft.

The centerpiece of her tool kit is her Tailwind dash. This ability allows her to escape to safety, even if she holds a risky angle or goes for an early pick.

Despite the nerf in patch 4.08, where a short delay and a 12-second usage window were added, Tailwind is still one of the best escape abilities in Valorant, especially after the nerf to Chamber’s Rendezvous teleporters.

Having said that, it is possible to anticipate the different plays Jett players are going to attempt because of her kit.

As one of the best agents for the Operator, you can almost know for sure that she will pick up the Operator when she can, especially on defense. Make sure to check her credits and ultimate points during the buy phase. She could be using an Operator and holding a tight angle if she has 4,700 credits. If she’s low on credits, she could be holding a close position with a Shorty, Bucky, or Judge.

Twitch streamer Tarik playing Valorant
Screenshot by Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

To avoid losing agents on entry, your team should use initiator agents’ recon abilities like Sova’s Owl Drone and Recon Dart, or Fade’s Haunt and Prowler to clear the area. You can also push her off aggressive angles by using flashes before your team pushes forward. If you’re out of agent abilities, a well-executed jump peek could also alert you to her location.

Jett players are often the tip of the spear when their team is on the attacker’s side. A common play most Jett mains use is the Cloudburst and Tailwind combo. They will throw a smoke on the site and dash to it, forcing defenders to split their attention between the attacking team’s entry point and the Jett player already on site.

A simple way to counter this is to throw a molly right where the Cloudburst lands. This way, she cannot simply sit in her smoke and buy her team time. This forces her out of her smoke, where you’ll be waiting.

The 3 best agents to counter Jett


Valorant KAY/O
Credit: Riot Games

One of the best counters to Jett is robotic initiator KAY/O.

If you’re on attack, KAY/O’s ZERO/POINT suppression blade can be used pre-emptively to scout out common positions that Jett likes to peek, or force her to retreat.

There’s a good chance she’s going to play aggressively and go for an early pick. If she is suppressed, she is likely to fall back, knowing that she no longer has an escape plan.

On defense, Jett mains are often the first to enter the site. If she gets hit by the suppression blade, it can delay the enemy team’s push, giving your team more time to flank and rotate.

However, KAY/O’s ZERO/POINT and NULL/CMD ultimate are particularly punishing against Jett’s Blade Storm ultimate. Players generally use Blade Storm on eco rounds where they do not have enough credits to full buy, which means she will be mostly defenseless once disabled.


Valorant Cypher Agent 20 teaser
Credit: Riot Games

Another way to shut down a hyper-aggressive Jett is with the information-gathering sentinel Cypher.

While defending, the Moroccan agent can place his Trapwire in places Jett is most likely to push. If she dashes into your Trapwire, she’s going to be stuck and concussed unless she breaks it. Even if you don’t take her down after she gets caught, it will slow her down and give you an idea of where she is.

A cleverly placed Spycam can also mark Jett as she dashes onto a site, while Cypher plays in the back lines.

When used in conjunction with Cyber Cage, Cypher can take down a marked Jett, without ever entering her line of sight.


Breach official Valorant art
Credit: Riot Games

Possibly the most effective agent against Jett is Valorant’s earth-splitting initiator Breach.

A well-placed Fault Line stun is particularly effective against the Operator, and she won’t be able to scope in at all.

Breach can also use his damage-dealing Aftershock to clear positions Jett could be holding. This will force her to reposition and fall back.

His Flashpoint blinds are also incredibly hard to dodge, and are very effective at making space. If Jett is watching an angle with an Operator, Flashpoint will help you take crucial ground and force her back.

Your goal is to force Jett to expend her abilities, removing them from the round. Without her tricks, she will be grounded just like every other agent.

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