Team Liquid streamer Jonas “Average Jonas” Navarsete is known for his mastery of Russian initiator Sova. His Sova lineups have even found their way into pro Valorant games, and he’s shaped the blue-eyed agent into something truly to be feared, particularly in post-plant and retake situations.

When used properly, Sova excels at gathering invaluable information for his team, giving them the advantage before making a move.

In a recent clip on stream, the Norwegian opera singer-turned-streamer showed off his deep knowledge of Sova’s kit, using every single one of his abilities to help his team retake A site on Ascent.

Average Jonas Sova Shock Bolt lineup to retake A site on Ascent

In this particular game, Average Jonas and his team are on an eco round and are down 7-9 on Ascent. The enemy team is making their way onto A site, and Jonas approaches A Heaven from ramp in a 3v4 situation.

Jonas waits for them to close the door to A Tree, because he knows that they’ll go for the plant after that. Once they start the plant, he uses a double Shock Bolt to stop it.

To stop the default plant from A ramp, simply line up your character with the metal railing at the top of ramp.

Average Jonas Sova lineup Ascent A site
Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/ONE Esports

Next, turn around and place your crosshair just above the corner of the roof. Jump and charge a single bar of your Shock Bolt, then release the dart when you’re at the highest point of your jump. The dart should land toward the front of generator and damage whoever is planting the spike.

Average Jonas Sova Shock Dart lineup Ascent A site
Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/ONE Esports

Jonas then follows up with a second Shock Bolt toward the same spot. For the second dart, line up your crosshair with the middle of the vertical column of eaves and fire it without charging or jumping. This lets you land two quick darts in rapid succession.

Average Jonas Sova Shock Dart lineup Ascent A site
Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/ONE Esports

Jonas knows that this exposes his position at ramp, so he prepares to be pushed from A Heaven, killing Reyna who peeks around the corner.

At this point, they have the man advantage in a 2v1 situation. He still has the Hunter’s Fury ultimate, so he bounces his Recon Bolt to A Window to clear the area and check if he can use his ultimate safely. The Recon Bolt detects no one, and he fires Hunter’s Fury toward site to try and tag the last enemy Skye player.

He tags Skye on the third blast, then launches his Owl Drone in case Skye repositions. The Astra on his team is currently pushing the site from A Tree, but he tells him to wait so he can confirm Skye’s position with his drone. Once Skye is tagged, Jonas and Astra pincer Skye and manage to kill her.

The best part about this play is that Jonas pressured the site without exposing himself to any opponents playing on A site, successfully stopping the plant and gathering important intel on the enemy.

It displays efficient use of all of Sova’s utilities to maximum effect, alongside good communication in a 2v1 situation. After all, at the highest ranks of the game, it’s all about ability mastery.

The two Sova Shock Bolt lineups are also easy to execute from A ramp, allowing you to quickly deny the default plant once you hear the spike going down.

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