Ayaz “nAts” Akhmetshin is back with yet another guide on how to step up your Valorant game. This time, he talks about how to rank up in Valorant, dropping three helpful tips he thinks most players can benefit from.

The pro player has posted multiple video guides on his personal YouTube channel, including Viper and Cypher agent guides and an explainer on how to improve your crosshair placement.

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He’s even weighed in on the perennial Phantom versus Vandal debate with a video to help players choose between the two.

Gambit Esports nAts at Valorant Champions 2021
Credit: Riot Games

How to rank up in Valorant with these three good habits

Work on your individual game

For players who rank below Diamond, nAts says the most important thing is your aim. To sharpen your skills, he recommends hitting the range to practice your aim and playing as many deathmatch games as possible to improve things like reaction times, accuracy, and movement.

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“You will have the chance to face tougher opponents and you will win these duels if you aim better than them,” he explained. “Valorant is a shooter, so the outcome of games still depends on your aim a lot.”

Beyond raw aim, another way to improve a player’s individual game is to learn how to outplay your opponents. As one of the world’s best Valorant players who has also created his own unique style of lurking, nAts believes that outsmarting your opponents can be integral to winning the game.

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Record your gameplay and review it

Breaking through Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum means players have successfully improved their individual game and are ready to challenge players on the next level.

To reach Diamond, Immortal, and even Radiant, players must fix small errors in their gameplay by recording their game and reviewing it. In this way, you can identify and root out any bad habits you have, review your positioning, or see if you’re being too predictable.

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“Look to improve on the mistakes you’ve made in the past, whether it be crosshair placement, rotations, enemy strategies, awareness, or individual game,” explained nAts.

Study how the pros play

The next step in reaching the top is to watch how the best Valorant pros play, according to nAts. You can watch their streams or tournament replays, and nAts says you should always be able to take something away from their games that you can use in your own ranked matches.

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This can be anything from a useful lineup you didn’t know about to a sneaky off-angle that will catch your opponents by surprise.

More importantly, watching a game from a pro player’s point of view adds valuable insight to how you think about the game. You can see what they did in different situations, how they work to clutch out a round, and their decision-making process. From there, you can then try to apply these learnings to your individual games.

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“You want to try to understand why they do what they do, why they’re playing a certain way or rotating at a particular moment,” added nAts. “You will 100% improve because it helps everyone.”

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