Seasoned Valorant players are well aware that securing a successful knife kill is no easy feat, but it undoubtedly ranks among the most gratifying experiences within the game.

In this simple and easy Valorant guide, we will demonstrate how to secure a knife kill for your team using Yoru’s Dimensional Drift ability in tandem with Gekko’s Thrash.

Combining the ultimates of both agents will unleash a deadly combination, enabling your Yoru to approach an unsuspecting enemy with ease. This strategic maneuver not only adds excitement to your gameplay but could very well impress your friends.

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This Yoru and Gekko combo will guarantee you a knife kill

Gekko's agent ability Thrash
Credit: Riot Games

You will need access to both Yoru and Gekko’s ultimate abilities to execute this combo successfully. The Dimensional Drift and Thrash ults require seven ultimate points, so it’s essential to keep track of each other’s ult progression and strategically collect orbs around the map. By doing so, you’ll be one step closer to performing this powerful combo.

The next step is to pick a location where you and your teammate can use both ultimates. A recommended approach is to have a Sova, Fade, or KAY/O on your team use their recon abilities to locate an enemy target at the start of the round. This will maximize your chances of getting the knife kill.

Despite not receiving initiator support, Gekko’s Thrash has a six-second duration, whereas Yoru’s Dimensional Drift lasts for 12 seconds. This should provide ample time for you to locate a target across the map.

To maximize your chances, make sure to have Yoru move ahead of Gekko’s Thrash while he’s in his Dimensional Drift. By scouting, Yoru can make informed decisions about where to lead Gekko’s ultimate and which areas to avoid, as Thrash is vulnerable to enemy fire.

When you find an isolated opponent, Gekko should go ahead and detonate Thrash, which will detain an unsuspecting victim. The best part of this combo is that since Yoru is in his Dimensional Drift, he won’t be affected by the blast radius of Gekko’s Thrash ultimate.

With the enemy detained, all Yoru needs to do is exit Dimensional Drift and collect an easy knife kill.

If your opponents are coordinated, they will likely stick together and cover one another. To counter this, you can utilize Gekko’s Thrash ability to immobilize as many enemies as possible.

Once the enemies are detained, Yoru can emerge from his Dimensional Drift and concentrate his attacks on the non-detained opponents first, granting him a strategic advantage.

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