ONE Esports – The Home of Esports.

ONE Esports is here to celebrate the passion and excitement of all things esports.

We will be bringing you the latest news, reviews, features, how-to guides, and in-depth stories on the athletes, teams and fans.

Our mission is to unleash real-life superheroes of esports who ignite the world with hope, dreams, inspiration and strength.

And our values are:

  • Integrity – Always adhere to the playbooks and the code of conduct when gaming or during tourneys.
  • Humility – All players are equal; no one is lesser than another.
  • Honor – No 322. Always do the right thing regardless of the potential outcomes.
  • Respect – No matter what the scenario, do not badmouth your teammates, opponents, or any other people.
  • Courage – Fight on no matter how bad the odds, there’s always a possibility for a comeback.
  • Discipline – Keep grinding towards your goals, create a new goal when you have met your current one and work towards it.
  • Compassion – Be understanding to all your fellow players. Even when someone is doing badly, they might have a reason for it.

We are ONE.