Valorant’s 22nd agent Gekko and his colorful pets can support their team in more ways than one.

The agent has unique abilities that can be used to gain information, flash opponents, concuss targets, and detain enemies. 

What separates him from other initiator agents is that he can reuse his abilities after picking them back up. As a result, dizzy and Wingman can be used multiple times in one round, giving teams a lot of utility to work with.

Gekko is an initiator that will fit well with any agent comp on attack. He can throw his abilities into the site to clear corners and force defenders back. Once the site is secured, he can retrieve his abilities and use them again when the defenders regroup and try to retake.

He’s more challenging to play on defense because his abilities will be more difficult to pick up against attackers. This is why we’ve picked out five maps where Gekko works best on attack and defense.

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The best maps to play Gekko on


Fracture, new Valorant map, Riot Games
Credit: Riot Games

With its many small corridors and tight corners, Fracture is the ideal map for Gekko to throw his abilities and retrieve them.

When the attackers are running into the B site from B main, throw Dizzy up in the air through smokes to blind your opponents. If you throw Dizzy around Generator or Canteen, you should be able to retrieve them if the attackers don’t get control of the B site.

The same can be done in B Arcade since it’s located on the defender’s side of the map. A main and A dish will be difficult to hold, so wait for the attackers to move to the A site. 

You could use Dizzy, Wingman, and Mosh to stop them from taking the site. Then, once the attackers are stuck in A main, or if they decide to rotate, just pick your abilities up again.


Valorant map Icebox overview
Credit: Riot Games

The same ideas apply to Icebox. When holding the A site, you can throw Dizzy high in the air to spot attackers on A belt, A pipes, and the narrow choke point where the ultimate orb stands. Dizzy doesn’t cover much ground, so you should be able to pick her up again.

Wingman can also be used to stop attackers from pushing into A generator or A maze. Since both areas are covered, you should be able to retrieve him.


Valorant Episode 6 Act I map Lotus
Credit: Riot Games

Gekko’s abilities can quickly be shot down, so using them in open areas isn’t ideal. While Lotus is considered a large map with three sites, each has small tight corners that work well with his abilities.

Lotus’ sites are also open to many different angles. Using Wingman to plant the spike is a significant advantage on this map. Throwing Gekko’s abilities into sites will possibly blind or stun them, and shooting the abilities down will give away the defenders’ locations.

The same goes for defenders looking to retake the site. Mosh, Dizzy, Wingman, and his ultimate Thrash will be able to clear hiding attackers defending the planted spike.


Valorant Split map
Credit: Riot Games

Split has more choke points and narrow walkways compared to Fracture. This makes Gekko an ideal initiator on the map.

Dizzy and Wingman are outstanding abilities to clear tight corners. Using the two abilities could prevent your team from running into a Judge, a devastating automatic shotgun that excels on Split.

Getting back the abilities on defense should be easy if you use cover or request for smokes. Just don’t throw it into A main, mid, or B garage, and you should be fine.


Valorant map Ascent overview
Credit: Riot Games

Valorant’s Italian map is where Gekko shines. Acend’s Valorant streamer Thinking Man’s Valorant showed that Dizzy can spot opponents like recon initiator agents Sova and Fade on Ascent. The best part is that you can get her back without traveling far.

If you throw Dizzy up in the air, she will detect where the opponents are and fall to the ground. This works because Ascent has plenty of areas with open skies. This allows her to gain information without much risk.

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