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Valorant’s 22nd agent, Gekko, is a versatile initiator with abilities that come in handy for many situations.

However, his Wingman ability is what captured the attention of the Valorant community. One of its primary functions is to plant and defuse the spike, a new mechanic for an ability that was introduced to the game.

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Before Gekko joined the Valorant roster, players had to put their bodies on the line to plant or defuse the spike each round. Wingman gives teams a better chance at succeeding in attacking sites and planting, as well as executing retakes and defusing.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the new initiator ability that’s taken Valorant by storm.

How to get Gekko’s Wingman to plant the spike?

Gekko's agent ability Wingman
Credit: Riot Games

Always remember to have the spike in your inventory. Get close to a spike site with your team. Once you have line-of-site of the designated area where the spike can be planted, just equip the ability and hit alt-fire.

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You will know he can plant the spike once you see an outline of him on the site before you activate the ability. Even if you’re standing on high ground, he will get the plant. Just remember that the ability’s movement pathing isn’t that great.

When Valorant streamer Tarik “Tarik” Celik tried to plant the spike from Kitchen to the Top nest of B site on Icebox, the little spike carrier ran all the way around Mid and to Tube to get the plant.

Valorant commentator Tom “Tombizz” Bissmire also showed that the ability can go through Sage’s Barrier Orb wall and Cypher’s Trapwires if you command him to plant the spike.

Players can also have Wingman plant the spike through smoke. However, the little guy only has 100 HP, which makes him an easy target while moving to the site and planting. If he drops the spike, your team will have to retrieve it.

How to defuse the spike using Wingman?

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It works the same way as planting the spike. Equip Wingman and alt fire to have him run toward and defuse the spike.

Having him defuse the spike will allow your team to look for the attackers holding the site.

If he gets half the defuse done and gets taken down, the spike will be left half-defused. When Wingman completes the defuse, Gekko gets an ultimate point. 

Be mindful when sending him out since other agent abilities can take him down or prevent him from defusing.

For example, Astra’s Gravity Well can pull him away from defusing the spike. It will also die to post plant mollies and other damage-dealing abilities.

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