Valorant’s Episode 4: Disruption is only a few days away and everyone will be trying to figure out how to play the new Filipino agent, Neon.

After participating in Riot Games’ early access PBE (public beta environment), we learned all about Neon’s abilities, and listed down her strengths in this Valorant agent guide. 

Beginners’ guide: How to play new Valorant duelist Neon

What is Neon’s playstyle?

Neon using her High Gear and combat slide
Credit: Riot Games

Unlike previously released agents, Neon isn’t a hybrid of two different classes. She is a full-on duelist whose abilities make her an excellent entry agent.

Neon is all about speed. In fact, Riot Games’ game developer, Ryan Cousart, named her “the fastest Valorant agent, on the ground.” As such, all of her agent abilities are designed around her sprint ability.

Sprinting makes Neon a harder target to hit and allows her to cover the map faster than any other agent. Her ability’s main weakness is that she will not have a weapon equipped while she’s sprinting, so be sure to communicate with your teammates to know where the enemy agents are.

How to use the High Gear combat slide

The High Gear ability can only be used when Neon activates her sprint, and she can only slide in the direction where she is running. The best use of her combat slide is to get close to targets who are either stunned or flashed.

How to use the Fast Lane wall

Neon’s Fast Lane wall is one of the best smokes in the game because it is essentially two Phoenix Blaze walls that goes up parallel to each other.

It is the ideal entry ability in Valorant because she can use it to get directly into sites by sprinting in the middle of the walls to close the gap against defenders.

How to use the Relay Bolt stun

Neon’s Relay Bolt is another great entry tool since she can stun two locations using one charge. The stun’s area-of-effect radius can even go through walls, which makes it the perfect tool to clear corners. Just be careful not to stun yourself.

How to use the Overdrive ultimate

Last is Neon’s Overdrive ultimate, which lets her zap her opponents to death, where she goes full speed and hunts down opponents. Since the ultimate only lasts for 20 seconds, she will need to secure kills in order to extend it.

Neon’s Overdrive ultimate is simple to use. Just make sure your crosshair is on the enemy agent and it will eventually kill them. It has a consistent fire rate and no recoil even if you spray an entire charge on your target.

Neon is all about being full speed ahead

If you plan on making Neon your main agent in Valorant, you must always be prepared to take risks.

Her abilities are meant to get you around her opponents quickly. She is an agent that heavily benefits from having an extremely aggressive playstyle, so make sure to take the fight to your opponents.

There is still so much to learn about Valorant’s newest duelist, so stay tuned to ONE Esports for more Valorant guides. Follow ONE Esports on Facebook for more Valorant news, guides, and highlights.

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