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Reaching Mythic or higher in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a challenging journey, and our curated list of Mobile Legends guides are here to help you achieve your goals.

Securing victory in ranked requires quick thinking, strategic planning, and effective communication among teammates. However, the game’s complex mechanics can make it difficult for many players to grasp its ins and outs.

To make everyone’s journey to the top easier, we have compiled a collection of our comprehensive Mobile Legends guides.

These encompass guides for each role, tips on how to rank up, and valuable in-game information to support you on your MLBB journey.

Mobile Legends Yve guide: Best build, skills, emblem, combos
Mobile Legends Roger guide: Best build, skills, emblems, combos
Mobile Legends Uranus guide: Best build, skills, emblem, combos
The 3 best heroes to counter Hanabi in the gold lane
The 3 best heroes to counter Esmeralda in the offlane

Mobile Legends guides to help you rank up

Mobile Legends guides

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Versus A.I mode map featuring Chou and Miya
Credit: ONE Esports
How to practice in Mobile Legends? Don’t do it in Classic!
How to top up diamonds in Mobile Legends
3 things you need to do today to protect your MLBB account
The complete beginner’s guide to watching Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports
Top 5 MLBB epic skins in the in-game shop every player should own
How to turn on Hero Lock Mode in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

EXP lane guides

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tank hero Gloo
Credit: Moonton
What is an EXP laner in Mobile Legends? Learn how to excel in this role
Top 5 deadliest tank heroes who can solo kill you in Mobile Legends

Jungle guides

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fighter hero Alpha
Credit: Moonton
What is a jungler in Mobile Legends? Here’s how to impact the game in this role
5 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang assassins who are surprisingly good in team fights
How to know the best type of Retribution for you in Mobile Legends
3 pro tips on how to secure the Turtle in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
How to jungle invade in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
These 3 items are absolutely essential for tank junglers in Mobile Legends
Step-by-step guide on how to secure Lord in Mobile Legends and win almost every time

Midlane guides

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang mage/support hero Nana
Credit: Moonton
What is a mid laner in Mobile Legends? Learn how to be the best in this role
How to play mage in Mobile Legends: The complete beginner’s guide

Gold lane guides

Hawk-eyed Sniper Lesley skin official wallpaper splashart
Credit: Moonton
What is a gold laner in Mobile Legends? Know how to be effective in this role
Become the ultimate marksman in Mobile Legends — follow this guide by Branz

Roam guides

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Estes
Credit: Moonton
What is a roamer in Mobile Legends? Learn the things to do and the best heroes for this role
The 4 roaming blessings in Mobile Legends and the best heroes to equip them
3 reasons why Dominance Ice is a must-buy for all tanks

Mobile Legends guides on how to rank up effectively

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ranks from Warrior to Mythical Glory
Credit: ONE Esports
The beginner’s guide to getting good at Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
How to rank up fast in Mobile Legends and achieve your goals
5 easy-to-use MLBB heroes to help you climb to Mythic rank this season
Full list of Mobile Legends ranks and their tiers
5 MLBB heroes that will always be relevant no matter the meta
Mobile Legends best settings for performance

In-game Mobile Legends guides

Mobile Legend: Bang Bang Elemental Lord and Sanctuary Lord
Credit: ONE Esports
What is split push in Mobile Legends? Learn how to execute this sneaky strategy
3 best heroes to counter the UBE strategy in Mobile Legends
The 3 potions in Mobile Legends and when you should buy them


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang item Dominance Ice
Credit: ONE Esports
Immortality, Wind of Nature, or Winter Truncheon? Know which survivability item to buy and when
Divine Glaive or Genius Wand? When to buy these magic penetration items in Mobile Legends
Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor? Here’s a guide for you to know when to buy these items
Why Athena’s Shield is the best magic resist item in Mobile Legends
When should you buy Blade Armor over Antique Cuirass in Mobile Legends?
New Great Dragon Spear item shockingly buffs Mobile Legends’ most unpopular hero
Starlium Scythe turns these 3 Mobile Legends mage heroes into monsters

If you are looking for a guide and counter for each hero, check out our full list of Mobile Legends hero guides.

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