Most tank heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are supports who help the team take down opponents.

This is why getting kills is not an easy task for tank players. After all, their main function is to initiate team fights, defend the front line, stun the opponents, and do crowd control.

The role of a tank is to absorb damage from opponents and make it easier for teammates to launch attacks. However, if a tank can also help dish out damage, in addition to absorbing damage coming from opponents, then that is a deadly combination.

Here is a list of the lethal tank heroes that have the ability to deal a lot of damage and take down the enemy, even without the help of teammates.

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Here are the five deadliest tank heroes in Mobile Legends


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Gatotkaca
Credit: Moonton

Historically, Gatotkaca is not that popular among amateur and pro players. This is because his skills are fairly easy to avoid, especially his ultimate, the Avatar of Guardian.

However, if the combination of his ultimate, together with his second and first skills, Blast Iron Fist and Unbreakable, can be pulled off effectively, he can definitely be a winning factor in team fights.

After unleashing these three skills, Gatotkaca still has his passive skill, Steel Bones, which can inflict great damage despite having a full defense build.

When he has 25 Rage (the indicator below the HP bar), his basic attack will be enhanced. It deals additional magical damage while restoring some of his health points.

The amount of damage he receives will also increase the more Rage points he has. In other words, the more damage Gatotkaca receives, the greater damage he will deal to opponents.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Iron Steed Hylos
Credit: Moonton

Hylos is among the deadliest tank heroes because his three skills can be used in a combo to help himself or his teammates.

He is a tank hero with enough HP to become a front liner, especially if he goes for a defensive build. What’s more, his passive skill, Thickened Blood, grants him an additional HP from additional mana.

Hylos’ second skill, Ring of Punishment, is very reliable in team fights. This skill can continuously deal Magic Damage to enemies which will continue to increase per stack.

In addition to dealing damage, this skill also makes Hylos reduce the opponent’s movement and attack speed if they’re within the range of Ring of Punishment. If an enemy is dying and intends to escape, Hylos stop them by releasing his first skill, Law and Order, to stun and damage.

If the enemy is out of range, Hylos can pursue using his ultimate, Glorious Pathway, which can be used with Flicker if necessary.

With all these abilities, Hylos can take on fighter and assassin heroes one-on-one at close range without fear, and is worthy of being an option for the deadliest tank hero in the Land of Dawn.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Baxia Ba-Tender skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Baxia has everything you need for a tank and roamer.

He has high mobility, thanks to Shield Unity, to move across the map quickly. When he rolls and hits an opponent, he also deals damage, knocks them back, and stuns.

With this ability, he can freely penetrate the opposing team’s back line, as well as deal damage through his Tortoise’s Puissance ultimate skill and his second skill, Shield of Spirit.

Using Shield of Spirit, Baxia continuously deals magical damage to opponents. It can also activate his passive skill, Baxia Mark, which reduces the damage he receives while reducing the shield and HP regen of enemies for a short period.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang revamped Minotaur splash art, patch 1.5.88
Credit: Moonton

Minotaur is another tank hero who is not popular in both amateur and competitive scenes. However, this hero indeed has great potential to get kills in the hands of players who know how to use it.

Minotaur is included in the list of deadliest tank heroes because of his supportive abilities. He can deal damage and slow down enemies with Despair Stomp, heal the HP of surrounding teammates including himself, and gains enhanced basic attacks through Motivation Roar. He can even knock opponents airborne with his ultimate, Minoan Fury.

Minotaur can be a good team fight initiator with his first skill, Despair Stomp, which deals physical damage to all enemy units in the area and slowing them, while increasing his Rage points.

One of the problems for Minotaur users is that it is quite difficult for him to enter Rage State at the opportune time, even though he can increase his Rage points quickly through the Minoan Fury skill.

But if you are used to it and know how to time Rage State right, Minotaur will become very dangerous. Using Minoan Fury in Rage mode can induce three shockwaves, deal considerable damage, knock enemies airborne, and deal true damage with the last shockwave.

With the right timing and experience, this hero is guaranteed to get a lot of kills as a front liner.


Celestial Safeguard Edith official wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Edith is the only tank and marksman hybrid in the Land of Dawn. In other words, she is the deadliest tank hero in Mobile Legends because she can absorb damage like a tank while dealing massive damage to opponents as a marksman.

Although not popularly used as a tank, it is not uncommon for players to play Edith in this role rather than the side lane. She can help the midlaner to clear minions quickly and rotate to help other lanes.

Edith’s skills are also very deadly if they hit the opponent’s carry. In tank mode (Phylax), she can perform a combo that involves casting her second skill, Onward, followed by her first skill, Earth Shatter.

After the two skills connect, immediately use her ultimate, Primal Wrath, to go into marksman mode. Edith will now have Divine Retribution as her first skill and Lightning Bolt as her second.

These two skills can deal a lot of magic damage in large amounts, stunning enemy heroes in short bursts, which make her very deadly.

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