After Paquito, Mathilda, and Benedetta, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is back with another mage, Yve, the Astrowarden. Clad in cosmic purple, she is a spell caster with one of the most unique ultimates in the game.

Using her first two skills, you’ll be able to poke down enemy heroes from a safe distance. Her ultimate, Real World Manipulation, is a minigame in itself that’s really fun. When to use this, and how much you can get out of it, will determine how effect you are at Yve.

Yve’s skills in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Ultimate – Real World Manipulation

Yve creates a starfield in a designated direction that lasts for 15 seconds. During this period, she can cast the Ultimate 15 times. Enemies that come in contact with the starfield will be slowed by 90% for 1.5 seconds. (This only takes effect once on the same target.)

Tap: Deals 400 / 475 / 550 (+120% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage in a designated area in the starfield.

Slide: Deals 130 / 170 / 210 (+20% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage every 0.45 second to the targets in the designated area and slow the targets by 60% for 2.7 seconds.

During this period, Yve is immune to any airborne effects. The starfield will not be canceled when Yve gets controlled. However, she will not be able to cast in the process. When she is suppressed, the starfield will be canceled.

  • Always manual cast this ability to view the area your starfield covers (7×7 grid) to position it strategically. Once it appears, you can view the total number of times you can tap or slide at the bottom of screen, and the amount of time (15 seconds) before your ultimate wears off.
  • To cancel your ultimate, click the “Cancel Cast” button at the top right hand corner.
  • There are only two actions you can take, tapping and sliding. Notice the large damage difference between the two. Sliding deals about 30% of the damage from tapping, but deals continuous damage with slow effects.
  • You should always combo both sliding and tapping. Slow down enemies by sliding before chaining it with tapping on single squares to finish them off.
  • Tapping once on a square will consume one charge of the number of times you can case your Ultimate. So if you have 15 stacks, you can tap once a maximum of 15 times. Sliding across multiple squares without lifting your finger also costs one charge.
  • Only Kaja, Franco, and Barats, who possess skills that suppress, can cancel her ultimate.
  • Other types of crowd control such as stuns will affect Yve, preventing her from tapping or sliding, but will not cancel her ultimate.
  • You’ll won’t be able to cast any other skills when your ultimate is active. Hence, Real World Manipulation is a true minigame for you to master!

Passive – Galactic Power

Yve gains Galactic Power when dealing damage to enemy heroes with Void Blast and Void Crystal, capped at 10 stacks. She will consume all the stored Galactic Power when she creates the starfield with her Real World Manipulation ultimate, gaining additional number of casts in the starfield accordingly.

  • The sole purpose of her passive is to boost the number of times she can tap or slide when her ultimate is active.
  • Charge up Galatic Power by hitting enemy heroes with your first and second skill.
  • You cannot gain stacks from hitting minions or monsters.
  • There is no cooldown to your passive, so you can charge it up any time up to a maximum of ten stacks. Once you hit ten stacks and you cast Real World Manipulation, you’ll get 15 plus ten, meaning 25 times to tap or slide within the duration.

First skill – Void Blast

Yve detonates Galactic Energy in a designated area, dealing 200 / 235 / 270 / 305 / 340 / 375 (+90% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to the targets. The targets in the central area will take extra 200 (+90% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage.

  • Void Blast deals AoE damage in a circle. Note the difference between the inner and outer circle, where enemies in the center take extra Magic Damage.
  • As such, it’s beneficial to manual cast this skill. For maximum push power, harass enemies in lane by landing the center of Void Blast on them when they walk up to the minion wave, simultaneously dealing damage to minions.
  • This is your bread and butter, so max this skill first after your ultimate.

Second skill – Void Crystal

Yve summons a void crystal in a designated area, dealing 220 / 260 / 300 / 340 / 380 / 420 (+40% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to the targets hit.

When used again: The crystal radiates materialized energy in the designated direction for the next 2.7s, dealing 110 / 130 / 150 / 170 / 190 / 210 (+20% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage every 0.45s to targets hit and slowing them by 35%. If a target is hit multiple times by the energy, it takes 5% more slow effect for each hit, capped at 60%.

  • There are two parts to this skill. The first summons a void crystal to a location which does Magic Damage to targets hit within the AoE circle.
  • You can then press your second skill again within the time given, and drag it out in the direction you want in order to create a rectangle area that does continuous damage and slow them. Manually cast this for the best results.
  • The animation looks similar to Benedetta’s ultimate, Alecto: Final Blow, but is purple and has a smaller area.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Yve

Recommended Battle Spell

The recommended default Battle Spell for Yve is Flameshot, which helps you finish off enemies early game. As she does not have any natural ability to escape, Flicker is also a good option. Choose between the two based on your own playstyle.

Recommended Emblem set

Naturally, Mage Emblem works best with Yve. As she excels at poking and kiting, you can take Agility to increase your movement speed, Observation to increase Magic Penetration, and Magic Worship for the burn. Out of the three, Agility should always be taken on Yve, while subsequent talents depends on your preference.

Best build for Yve in Mobile Legends

Yve's recommended equipment buil
Credit: Moonton

Even though Yve’s base movement speed of 255 is slightly above average compared to Aurora’s 245 and Luo Yi’s 250, getting boots early allows you to kite more smoothly, so prioritize that. The recommended default equipment build in-game is a sustained damage build.

If you prefer burst, swap out Enchanted Talisman and Arcane Boots for Demon Shoes to ensure you have enough mana, and Ice Queen Wand for the slow. This item is essential for Yve, since you’ll need to continuously reposition her in order to poke out enemies whilst taking the least amount of damage for favorable trades.

Instead of Concentrated Energy, replace it with Lightning Truncheon, which gives more flat Magic Power, and deals extra magic damage.

Easy combos to learn

To maximize her damage, always chain your first and second skill combo with basic attacks in between cooldowns. A solid basic combo to master is Void Blast into Void Crystal, basic attack, Void Blast, then basic attack.

Since Yve’s ultimate count increases with her passive, it’ll be good to combo your first and second skill to get ten stacks before finishing off with your ultimate. Having ally tanks with hard crowd control that help to keep opponents within your grid whilst blocking incoming enemy crowd control for you is highly beneficial.

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