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The Elemental Lord, more commonly known as the Lord, is a major objective in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

This next-level boss wields a mighty cudgel, utilizing a variety of damage abilities that surpass its forerunner, the Turtle.

His basic attack delivers a powerful blow to enemies every second, and his Thunder Strike ability deals area-of-effect True Damage.

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He also has the skill to knock multiple heroes airborne while dealing True Damage with his Ocean Force ability.

The objective first appears within eight minutes, spawning randomly on either of the two pits located in the river area of the map.

The Lord’s spawn location and countdown are displayed on the minimap, making it easier to strategize your next move.

The different types of Lords in Mobile Legends and the importance of taking them down

Mobile Legend: Bang Bang Elemental Lord and Sanctuary Lord
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Defeating the Lord rewards you and your team with generous amounts of gold and experience, bolstering your chances of winning the game.

But here’s the real kicker: the Lord, once vanquished, respawns in your base to fight alongside you.

And unlike the Turtle, he transforms into an improved version of himself at various stages of the game, equipped with more damage capability and defensive stats.

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Securing it in the first eight minutes sets your team up to snowball, with a chance to push outer enemy turrets, which in turn gives you more map control.

At 12 minutes, the Elemental Lord transforms into an Enhanced Lord. He can lunge toward a nearby enemy turret and deal True Damage in a single strike.

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This increases your chances of taking down inner enemy turrets and breaching the enemy base.

He turns to his final form at 18 minutes, to an Evolved Lord, with increased defensive and offensive stats. This is the most crucial objective in the late game, so securing it for your team is a must if you want to win.

How to secure the Lord like a pro

1. Prepare before engaging

SIBOL MLBB versus Team Malaysia Game 2 Highlight in 32nd SEAG
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The fight to secure the Lord is almost always a tight contest. If you want to be the one to take it down, preparation is the number one priority.

If you’re the EXP laner or roamer of the team, make sure that your crowd control abilities are up so you can halt the enemy jungler’s approach if the contest comes.

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If you’re playing as the gold laner or midlaner of the team, be sure that you have farmed enough offensive items and are ready to trigger your damage abilities when the fight begins.

And if you’re the jungler of the team, it’s critical that your Retribution battle spell is up to secure the Lord. It’s also good if you have already taken down the Purple and Orange buff before starting the objective-take so you’ll have more damage and more mana or energy to work with.

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There will be situations where your team is simply not ready to take down the major objective.

One thing you can do here, especially if you’re the jungler of the team, is to try to reset the creep’s health by taking his aggro and luring him off the circular line.

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You can do so repeatedly until all your heroes’ cooldowns are up and you’re ready to contest.

2. Positioning is crucial

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M4 World Championship featuring RRQ Hoshi vs Occupy Thrones
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The outcome of a Lord-take usually comes down to which team has superior positioning, so how do you position well?

An easy way to do this is to try to always be the first ones near the Lord pit even before it spawns. Sometimes, this is the only thing you need to win the fight.

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Getting into position early ensures that your team gains vision of the map and is ready to tackle the enemy from all angles. For roamers and EXP laners, its advisable to hide in the bushes either at the top side of the pit, or in the middle bush, or wherever you feel that the enemy team will not expect you to come.

As for midlaners and goldlaners, position where you can help inflict damage to the Lord while taking advantage of the vision your roamer is providing. Always position on your side of the map. This can help you avoid being picked off during the process.

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Junglers on the other hand, need to be at the forefront of the objective, taking and maintaining the creep aggro. You also need to be aware of where the enemy jungler might come from.

If you’re on the team contesting instead, your team must maintain good formation when engaging. For example, you could mirror the enemy’s location when the contest begins.

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Heroes with crowd control abilities should attempt to disarm the enemy jungler, especially when the Lord’s HP is low to give your jungler the opportunity the steal with Retribution.

3. Learn how to do and deal with the ‘Lord Dance’

SIBOL MLBB versus Team Malaysia Lord in 32nd SEAG
Screenshot by Calvin Trilles/ ONE Esports

The ‘Lord Dance’ is an advanced tactic that involves luring enemies to kill the Lord, while a team waits in the bushes nearby ready to ambush.

Once the enemy team commits to killing the lone hero or securing the objective, the waiting team ambushes them, catching them off guard and securing both the Lord and the team fight.

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To do this, your teammates — except for the jungler — should position in the bushes near the pit. If you’re the jungler, attack the creep, but don’t commit to killing it. Instead, draw it away from its starting position and towards the area where your team is located.

When the enemy tries to engage, the rest of the team should be ready to unload their skills on all targets in sight. If successful, you’ll be able to subsequently secure the objective uncontested.

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If you’re on the opposite team vying for contest, you can focus on drawing out creep aggro instead of focusing on the enemy jungler. Make sure to be patient so as to not get out of position and be picked off in the process.

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