Retribution is one of the 12 battle spells in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Designed specially for junglers, it allows the users to deal true damage to jungle creeps while simultaneously reducing the damage received from them.

Additionally, it increases the gold and experience rewards obtained from defeating these creeps, allowing for rapid farming during the early to mid stages of the game.

Furthermore, it possesses a distinctive feature that amplifies its effectiveness as you accumulate five creep kills or assists, upgrading the spell based on your chosen type of blessing.

These blessings come in three distinct variations — Ice, Flame, and Bloody — each offering unique effects when cast against enemy heroes.

As a jungler, knowing the best type of Retribution to equip depending on your playstyle can lead to your dominance in the game, enabling you to carry your team to victory.

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The three types of Retribution in Mobile Legends and when to equip them

Ice Retibution

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Ice Retribution icon
Credit: ONE Esports

This type of blessing allows you to steal 72 to 100 movement speed from your target depending on your level for four seconds, making you agile while slowing them down.

Equip this when your opponents are highly mobile, particularly their mage or marksman. It can help you easily chase them down to secure a crucial kill or escape from them when getting pursued.

Ice Retribution works great for most assassin junglers, including Ling, Lancelot, and Gusion.

Flame Retribution

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Flame Retribution icon
Credit: ONE Esports

This one enables you to take 58 to 100 physical attack and magic power from your enemy for four seconds. As such, it strongly enhances your chance of coming out on top in 1v1 situations, or securing a pickoff.

Use this if your team possesses a significant amount of crowd control spells, and you need to burst down an enemy as fast as possible.

Notably, heroes such as Hayabusa, Saber, and Helcurt significantly benefit from the special effect offered by Flame Retribution.

Bloody Retribution

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Bloody Retribution icon
Credit: ONE Esports

This blessing lets you siphon off HP equal to 250 plus 20 percent of your maximum HP from your target over a duration of four seconds, allowing you to deal substantial damage while regenerating your own health.

Equip this if you’re a tank jungler who is prioritizing items that significantly increase your HP. With this, you can inflict huge DPS to your target, and absorb more incoming damage to protect your allies.

Barats, Fredrinn, Alice, tank Lancelot, and tank Karina are some of the best heroes to have Bloody Retribution.

Moreover, this also proves exceptionally useful for Harley, despite not being a tank jungler. This is primarily due to the synergy it creates with his Deadly Magic ultimate, allowing him to amplify his burst damage and ensure elimination of his target.

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