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Split push heroes are often the key to victory for any lineup in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Split pushing is a strategic approach in MOBA games where a player deliberately separates from their team and pushes a lane on the map that is distant from the main team fight or objective focus.

This forces the enemy to make a difficult decision — to defend the split push or commit to a team fight with the rest of the split pusher’s team.

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It’s an effective tactic, but only a few heroes can pull it off. Also, it requires proper communication as your team needs to be aware that you are split pushing and will be unavailable for most team fights.

For those looking to practice split pushing, mastering these three heroes is vital. These heroes excel in both mobility and damage, making them well-suited for successfully executing this tactic.

3 split push heroes you have to try out in Mobile Legends


Ling takes the top spot as one of the finest split push heroes.

This hero possesses exceptional abilities that enable him to traverse the map swiftly and scout safely using Finch Poise.

Moreover, his potent damage output makes demolishing towers a breeze, particularly during the late game when he acquires his core items.

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What further elevates Ling’s suitability for this strategy is his ultimate, Tempest of Blades, which grants him a secure escape route whenever an enemy hero attempts to defend their base.

This allows Ling to evade potential threats and continue applying pressure on different lanes, making him an ideal choice for split pushing.

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Much like Ling, Fanny boasts incredible map traversal capabilities thanks to her Steel Cables skill.

Mastering this skill requires considerable practice, however. It is renowned as one of the most challenging mobility abilities in the game.

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What distinguishes Fanny from Ling is her unique ability to rapidly return to a team fight after split pushing, provided she conserves her energy bar effectively.

This advantage allows her to exert immense pressure on enemy lanes, swiftly rejoin her team for crucial engagements, and then return to split pushing as needed.

This unparalleled flexibility makes Fanny a formidable split push hero with the potential to turn the tide of battles.


Regarded as the OG in split pushing, Sun‘s extraordinary basic attack damage and his unique ability to summon clones of himself to aid in battle make him unmatched in this strategy.

To execute the split push tactic with the Monkey King, focus on a single lane and utilize Clone Techniques to summon a clone to aid in pushing a turret.

Additionally, you can also use Endless Variety to summon yet another clone, amplifying the damage dealt.

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When faced with defenders from the enemy team, use Swift Exchange to escape.

To further optimize Sun’s split push potential, choosing Arrival as your battle spell is crucial.

This allows you to teleport to the opposite lane where a team fight is unfolding, catching your opponents off guard. By continuously repeating this process, you’ll leave your enemies puzzled and struggling to keep up with the pressure.

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