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Are potions the secret to success in winning all your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang games?

When a match in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang goes on far too long, players usually notice that the game now gives you the option to buy a specific potion based on your hero, with three to choose from.

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Despite the ability to buy these early on in the game, it’s better to buy whenever you have already completed all your six items. The item costs 1500 gold and only lasts for 120 seconds.

Here is everything you need to know about these consumables, and whether it’s viable to buy them at all in the game.

The three potions in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang potions

The power potion grants the buyer an additional 30 physical attack damage and 5% lifesteal for 120 seconds. This is best suited for assassins, marksmen, and fighters.

The blue potion gives the buyer an extra 30 magic power and 5% cooldown reduction, making it the perfect choice for mages, and assassin heroes who deal magic damage.

Lastly, the rock potions are great for tank and support heroes. It gives an additional 500 HP and 15% resilience. Any player can choose what they want to buy regardless of class, but the game usually suggests what’s best for the hero whenever you have completed all six of your items.

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When to buy these consumables

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These potions are a great addition to boost your late game, which will come in handy, as one small mistake this late into the game is usually the end of the road.

Items such as Winter Truncheon, Wind of Nature, and Immortality are activatable. These items have a cooldown when used, and some players, particularly in the professional scene, usually replace an activated item whenever it is on cooldown with another item.

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You can only do this with extra gold, and this won’t be possible if you are buying potions whenever they’re available. Replacing activated items is usually a better choice compared to the stats that a potion gives.

The best advice we can give you is to buy one whenever you feel a big team fight is about to happen late into the game so that the added stats give you the upper hand.

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