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The roaming equipment in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang possesses distinct roaming blessings, each providing unique benefits for the bearer and their team.

Roamers can choose one of the four blessings – Conceal, Encourage, Favor, and Dire Hit – depending on the skill set of their hero and what their team needs.

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To unlock a blessing, you need to accumulate 600 gold from the Thriving effect of your roaming item or boots, which you can typically obtain in around five minutes of gameplay.

As you continue to earn gold from Thriving, your chosen blessing will become increasingly powerful, with the maximum enhancement occurring at 1500 gold. This level can be achieved at around 13 minutes into the game.

Benefits of roaming blessings in Mobile Legends and which heroes are best for each one of them


Mobile Legends roaming blessings-Conceal
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Conceal is the only active roaming blessing in Mobile Legends. It allows you and nearby allies to enter a camouflage state for five seconds, making you almost invisible on the battlefield.

Additionally, it significantly increases your movement speed, allowing you to quickly move around the map and launch a surprise attack against your opponents.

This works best for roamer tanks or supports that have big initiation skills.

Best heroes to equip Conceal

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Credit: Moonton Games, ONE Esports

Upon entering the camouflage state, you cannot be targeted by basic attacks and single-target spells, making it a great escape tool as well.

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It’s important to note that dealing or taking damage will instantly remove the camouflage state, as will certain damage over time. As such, you must avoid taking unnecessary damage to maintain the element of surprise.


Mobile Legends roaming blessings-Encourage
Credit: ONE Esports

Encourage provides a significant boost to you and your nearby teammates, granting extra physical attack and magic power. Moreover, it gives an additional attack speed, making it an excellent choice to maximize your team’s damage output.

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Select this blessing if you are using a hero that does not need to make setups, and you want to boost the damage of your allies in team fights.

Best heroes to equip Encourage

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tank Hylos with article link to guide
Credit: Moonton Games, ONE Esports


Mobile Legends roaming blessings-Favor
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Favor can help you provide crucial support to your allies for them to survive or last longer in team fights.

Upon using a healing or shield spell, Favor restores extra HP to a nearby ally with the lowest HP (takes effect on self when you are the one with the lowest health). This activates every several seconds.

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It’s important to note that skills that only take effect on oneself, such as Esmeralda‘s Frostmoon Shield and Jawhead‘s Ejector, cannot trigger Favor.

Therefore, players should select it when using heroes with healing or shielding skills that take effect on allies.

Best heroes to equip Favor

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang support hero Estes with link about hero guide
Credit: Moonton Games, ONE Esports

Dire Hit

Mobile Legends roaming blessings-Dire Hit
Credit: ONE Esports

Dire Hit is a deadly tool that can help you deal massive damage to enemy heroes with low health. When selected, it allows you to inflict extra damage to opponents with less than 35 percent HP.

What makes this so lethal is that it deals a percentage of the target’s max HP as hybrid damage (half magic and half physical). This can be triggered by basic attacks or skills every half a minute.

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Choose this blessing if you are using a roamer-assassin or a hero that deals a significant amount of damage without relying on offensive items.

Best heroes to equip Dire Hit

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Credit: Moonton Games, ONE Esports

To unlock your chosen roaming blessing in Mobile Legends without delay, it’s important to maintain a lower gold count than your teammates. This means avoiding minion waves when no allies are nearby, except in cases where you need to defend a turret.

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You should also focus on obtaining assists rather than kills, as stealing kills can disrupt the gold balance and delay the unlocking of roaming blessings. Unless you’re well-versed in the two-roam meta, it’s typically best to have only one player with roaming equipment in your team.

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