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In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the mid laner is the one role responsible for controlling the middle lane of the map.

This lane is important because it leads to the river area that contains important objectives and access to other lanes. Additionally, destroying a turret in the lane opens up a lot of space on the battlefield, providing opportunities for a team to push and secure objectives more easily.

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To effectively perform their duties, mid laners usually play mage heroes due to their lane-clearing prowess. However, supports and marksmen can also work depending on the team’s strategy.

If you’re new to playing as a mid laner, this ONE Esports guide will provide you with essential information on the role, including key tasks, effective strategies to fulfill them, and the best heroes for the job.

The primary tasks of a mid laner in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang mid lane overview
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Clear minion waves then rotate

As a mid laner, you are expected to clear minion waves quickly and rotate to other areas of the map to help your team.

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After taking the first wave of minions, you can work with your jungler in securing the Lithowanderer or invading the enemy jungle. Alternatively, you can assist in fending off the enemy’s attempt to invade your own jungle.

You can also rotate to a side lane, preferably the gold lane, to gank or pressure the enemy and provide an advantage for your teammate there.

Remember, when you visit a lane, do not stay there for too long. You still need to get back to your lane, and avoid sharing gold and EXP with your teammates.

Help in securing Turtle and Lord

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It is essential to work closely with your jungler to take down Turtle and Lord objectives as quickly as possible and prevent the enemy team from stealing them.

Reach level four as soon as you can, and get your ultimate skill before the first Turtle respawns.

In taking these major objectives, you can use your spells to assist in chipping away the HP of the monster if the opponents are not attempting to contest.

On the other hand, if they are looking to contest, you can hide in a bush and use your skills to safely poke them from there.

Target the enemy jungler during these engagements to scare them away, preventing them from getting too close and stealing the objective using Retribution.

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Provide damage or crowd control in team fights

Joining team fights is a must for a mid laner. You are expected to deal damage or use crowd control against the enemy in clashes during the important stages of the game.

How you position yourself on the battlefield is critical. You have to be in a location where you can safely cast your spells, especially if you’re playing a hero that possesses an ultimate that has a huge area of effect.

Generally, the safest position for the mid laner is the backline of the team. However, if there are enemy heroes who can dive and attack you, it is recommended to select Flicker or Flameshot as your battle spell to reposition yourself or push the enemy away.

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Before a team fight begins, especially in the late game, it is vital to remain hidden and avoid revealing your position to the enemy team. So, stay in a bush or the backline, and wait for the right moment to release your spells.

If you’re using a hero that has long-range spells such as Pharsa or Yve, you should target the enemy marksman or mage to prevent them from dealing massive damage to your team.

Additionally, purchasing proper items can make a difference. Assess the situation of the game if you need damage or utility items, such as those that apply a slowing effect or reduce lifesteal.

Zone out enemies when pushing or defending

As the one with the poking and wave clear abilities in your team, you can zone out enemies during turret siege or defense in the mid to late game.

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When pushing a lane, use your skills to poke enemies before your minion wave arrives, forcing them to retreat to their base. This allows your marksman to freely hit their turret.

Alternatively, when defending, try to clear the minion waves before they reach your turret. However, be careful if there are enemies who can dive onto you or pull you out of your turret’s range.

To safely clear minion waves, you can wait for your roamer to walk in front before casting your spells. This way, you can deal damage from a safe distance while your teammate takes the brunt of the enemy’s attacks.

Best heroes for the mid laner role

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang mage hero Pharsa
Credit: Moonton

This role is ideal for mage heroes, who excel at poking, wave clearing, and dealing massive amounts of damage in team fights. If you’re interested in playing as a mid laner, consider these heroes:

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