Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players are in for a treat as the game’s ranking system undergoes massive changes next season, starting with the introduction of a new Mythic rank.

Season 29 will introduce the highly anticipated Mythical Immortal rank, Moonton announced on YouTube.

The Mythical Immortal rank, which will be released alongside the revamped emblem system in Season 29, is the game’s newest rank right after Mythical Glory.

How many stars do you need to reach Mythical Immortal rank in Mobile Legends?

Mythical Immortal in Mobile Legends
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

According to the developers, the new rank can be obtained after you have reached 100 stars.

This marks a substantial leap from the previous season, where players only needed to reach 50 stars to attain Mythical Glory, the highest rank.

To distinguish the Mythical Immortal rank, developers have designed a new badge that closely resembles the other mythic badges but features distinct red streaks on its sides.

Accompanying the new rank is a noteworthy improvement to the matchmaking system.

Moonton has made significant efforts to enhance matchmaking, ensuring that players above 50 stars will no longer be matched with players below the Mythical Glory rank.

The new ranking system and all its associated changes are scheduled to be released on June 27, perfectly aligned with the commencement of Season 29.

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