When playing as a mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you’ll often face the decision of building either Divine Glaive or Genius Wand.

Both of these items are highly valuable for heroes who deal magic damage, particularly when you’re facing tanky heroes or opponents who have equipped themselves with magic resistance items.

Moreover, aside from countering magic resistance, they also provide a substantial increase in your magic damage output, a crucial factor as the game advances into its mid and late phases.

However, players often wonder about the differences between these items and whether it’s a good idea to use both.

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When should you buy Divine Glaive and Magic Wand in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Divine Glaive offers a flat boost to magic power and magic penetration, with an additional magic penetration bonus based on the enemy’s magic defense.

On the other hand, Genius Wand provides magic power, movement speed, and magic penetration. Its unique passive ability gradually reduces the enemy’s magic defense with each attack.

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Both of these items are distinct in their ability to penetrate an enemy’s magic resistance.

In terms of differences, Divine Glaive serves as a personal buff, becoming more effective against opponents with higher magic defense.

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In contrast, Genius Wand acts as a debuff, continuously decreasing the enemy’s magic defense with each attack. This can also benefit other mage heroes on your team, allowing them to deal more damage to the target with reduced magic defense.

Genius Wand is generally more suitable for the early to mid-game when enemies haven’t yet built significant magic defense items. Heroes like Chang’e, Gord, and Silvanna, who deal continuous damage, benefit the most from this item as they can quickly stack its passive.

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Once your opponents start building items like Radiant Armor or Rose Gold Meteor to increase their magic defense, it’s a good time to consider building Divine Glaive, as it excels in penetrating magic defense through its unique passive.

While it’s possible to build both of these items simultaneously, it’s recommended to start with Genius Wand for an early-game power spike.

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