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Legend skins are the most stylish and most expensive cosmetic available in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

What sets Collector Skins apart from Legend Skins is that, while both feature enhanced character models and skill effects, the latter comes with an exclusive recall effect, an achievement badge, and even a unique avatar border once obtained.

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Obtaining a Legend skin is no easy feat, as it can only be acquired through the Magic Wheel. Additionally, some Legend skins are unavailable in the Magic Wheel and can only be obtained through time-limited events.

Full list of Collector skins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the Legend skins currently available in the game.

A complete list of all the Legend skins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The splash of art of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's Legend skin, Divine Goddess Lunox
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Available in the magic wheel

All skins in this category cost 200 Magic Cores. You can obtain Magic Cores by drawing them in the Magic Wheel using diamonds.

Codename – Storm SaberSaberJune 2017
Modena Butterfly MiyaMiyaSeptember 2017
Conqueror GordGordMay 2018
Obsidian Blade AlucardAlucardFebruary 2019
Cosmic Gleam GusionGusionMay 2020
Infernal Blaze ValirValirOctober 2021
King of Hell FrancoFrancoDecember 2022
Divine Goddess LunoxLunoxJune 2023
Galactic Vanquisher FreyaFreyaJanuary 2024
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Legendary skin, Starfall Knight Granger
Credit: Moonton

Available in time-limited events

These skins are not included in the magic wheel and are only available in time-limited events.

Angelic Agent LesleyLesleyNovember 2019
Starfall Knight GrangerGrangerApril 2021
Psion of TomorrowGuinevereApril 2022

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