Blade Armor and Antique Cuirass are essential defensive items in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that protect the bearers against physical damage.

While these two offer substantial physical defense, they have unique passive effects that can be advantageous in specific situations. That means prioritizing one over the other can be a game-changer, especially for roamers or tanks who do not farm much gold from minions or jungle creeps.

By understanding the unique benefits of these two items, players can make better decisions about which item to focus on based on their role, the enemy team composition, and the game’s current state.

Comparing the stats and passive effects of Blade Armor and Antique Cuirass

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang physical defense item Blade Armor
Credit: ONE Esports

Composed of Steel Legplates and two Leather Jerkins, Blade Armor provides the highest physical resistance in the game at 90.

More importantly, it’s the only item in the game that has a critical damage reduction, pegged at 20 percent.

Bladed Armor, its unique passive, allows you to deal physical damage equal to 20 percent of incoming damage from basic attacks (calculated before damage reduction) plus 20 percent of your physical defense to the attacker. It also inflicts a minimal slow effect.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang physical defense item Antique Cuirass
Credit: ONE Esports

In contrast, Antique Cuirass is crafted by combining Dreadnaught Armor (which is made from two Leather Jerkins) and Ares Belt (which requires a Vitality Crystal) to provide 54 physical defense, 920 HP, and four HP regen.

Its Deter passive reduces the attacker’s physical attack by eight percent for two seconds when you’re struck by their skill. This effect is capped at three stacks, which means that the reduction can be as much as 24 percent.

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Many players consider Antique Cuirass as the best physical defense item, as it greatly weakens the enemies’ physical DPS, which most marksman and assassin heroes dish out.

However, there are certain situations where Blade Armor should be prioritized.

When is it best to buy Blade Armor first?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tank heroes
Credit: Moonton

It’s best to purchase it when the opposing side has heroes have abilities that deal critical damage through basic attacks, such as:

Additionally, you should also buy it when the enemy cores have Berserker Fury, Scarlet Phantom, or Windtalker. These offensive items increase critical chance and damage.

Even if you prioritize Blade Armor in such situations, it’s still wise to purchase Antique Cuirass later on, especially if the enemy team relies heavily on physical damage.

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