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In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, strategies come and go.

From the renowned Feeding Diggie to the formidable UBE strategy, players have explored various techniques to gain an advantage.

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However, amidst the complexity of these strategies, there was once a refreshingly simple approach that captured the attention of even the most ordinary players.

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Enter the realm of Nice One Baby, a strategy so straightforward that anyone can execute it with ease.

In this article, we will delve into the workings of this unconventional tactic, explore the recommended heroes to maximize its potential, and unravel the intriguing origins behind its uniquely catchy name.

How does the Nice One Baby strategy work?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Nice One Baby Strategy heroes, Rafaela, Angela, and Diggie
Credit: Moonton

The tactic involves a coordinated effort between two players: utility support and a core jungle player.

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The key objective of the support player is to closely monitor and prioritize the well-being of the jungler above all else.

To effectively execute this strategy, it is common for the support player to opt for heroes like Angela or Rafaela.

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Credit: Moonton Games, ONE Esports
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Their healing abilities play a crucial role in sustaining the jungler during crucial engagements.

On the other hand, the core jungle player assumes the responsibility of dealing high amounts of damage, which can be achieved by locking in heroes such as Ling, Gusion, or Fanny.

Answering the most important question — Why is it called Nice One Baby?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang support hero Rafaela
Credit: Moonton

But perhaps the more pressing question that many people have on top of their heads is why is it called that way.

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When couples play ranked games together, it is common for the male player to choose assassin heroes to impress his girlfriend with his mechanical skills.

Simultaneously, the female player takes on the role of support, picking a hero that can help keep the male player alive during team fights.

When the boyfriend makes impressive plays, his girlfriend often expresses her admiration by saying, “Nice one, Baby.”

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Thus, the strategy acquired its catchy name, reflecting the playful dynamics and affectionate banter within gaming couples.

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