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The Turtle is one of the most important objectives in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, particularly in the early game.

Also known as Dragon Turtle or Cryoturtle depending on the style of the map, this jungle creep spawns within the first two minutes of the game, and subsequently respawns every two minutes. It stops respawning after eight minutes.

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It is located in one of the two pits in the river area. Its first spawn location is near the EXP lane, while the respawn location is random.

Fortunately, you can keep track of the spawn location and countdown as they are conveniently displayed on the minimap.

Importance of taking down the Turtle in MLBB

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang jungle creep Turtle three types
Credit: ONE Esports

Slaying the Turtle offers significant advantages not only to the individual who secures the kill but also to the entire team.

As the one who successfully takes it down, you’ll be rewarded with a shield and a boost in physical attack plus magic power, all of which remain active until the shield is depleted. The shield is restored if you manage to avoid taking any damage for five seconds.

If you’re a jungler, these buffs will help you clear creeps faster than your counterpart, giving you an advantage in terms of farm and item acquisition. Furthermore, these bonuses enhance your ability to execute effective ganks.

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Additionally, your teammates will receive a lesser yet still valuable one-time shield. This shield can aid them in maintaining their respective lanes and avoiding unnecessary deaths.

Aside from the aforementioned buffs, killing the Turtle also grants gold and experience to the entire team, reinforcing your progression heading into the mid-game.

Tips on how to secure the Turtle

1. Find the right position before the Turtle spawns

To ensure a strategic advantage when the Turtle spawns, it is crucial for you and your team to position yourselves near the pit a few seconds prior.

If you’re assuming the role of a jungler, position yourself where you can hit the special monster with your basic attacks and skills.

If you’re an EXP laner, it’s essential that you get your ultimate skill before the first Turtle emerges. Use it to zone out the enemies, specifically the enemy jungler.

Gold laner
EXP laner
Mid laner

If you’re a mid laner-mage, hide in nearby bushes or the backline to safely cast your damage spells and zone out opponents.

If you’re a roamer-tank, actively facecheck bushes and disrupt the enemy jungler as much as possible. Alternatively, if you’re a roamer-support with healing abilities, position behind your jungler to provide aid while ensuring your own safety.

MPL PH Season 11 grand finals ECHO vs Blacklist International Game 2 first Turtle fight
Screenshot by Jeremiah Sevilla/ONE Esports

Lastly, if you are a gold laner, carefully assess whether your assistance is required during the Turtle engagement. Balancing the potential risk of leaving your lane against the benefits of securing the objective is crucial.

If you decide to assist, find a secure position near the Turtle where you can contribute damage while maximizing your attack range, ensuring your safety and minimizing the risk of losing valuable farm in your lane.

2. Lure the Turtle outside the pit

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Turtle guide-movement range indicator
Screenshot by Jeremiah Sevilla/ONE Esports

Luring the Turtle outside of its pit grants you a strategic upper hand over your opponents.

Its movement range is indicated by a circular line, allowing you to lead it towards the side of your base.

To lure the Turtle, begin by attacking it and slowly maneuvering toward the outer edge of the pit. You may need to hit it once in a while to maintain its aggro.

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However, exercise caution not to lead it too far away. Doing so may cause it to return to its original position and reset its health.

If your jungler needs to prioritize the purple or orange buff, your team’s roamer or EXP laner can lend a hand in luring the Turtle.

3. Using Retribution at the right moment

As the jungler, having a good sense of when to use the Retribution battle spell is crucial. Despite positioning early and successfully luring the Turtle, there are situations where the enemy jungler can still steal it with a sneaky hero and perfectly-timed Retribution.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang types of Retribution battle spell-Ice, Flame, and Bloody
Credit: ONE Esports
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Fortunately, there are indicators that can help you determine the ideal moment to use Retribution.

While hitting the Turtle, you can see a red line on the left part of its HP bar. Once you cross the line, the monster’s icon on the leftmost side of its HP bar will have a red mark on it. These signify the opportune time to trigger Retribution and secure the objective.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Turtle guide-Retribution indicators
Screenshot by Jeremiah Sevilla/ONE Esports

However, if your Retribution is on cooldown, these indicators will not appear. In such cases, it is advisable to be patient and wait for your battle spell to become available again, especially if the enemy team is keen on contesting the Turtle.

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