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Esmeralda has been one of the most popular heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, played as an offlaner in competitive and ranked games.

She can solo a side lane, and dominate her enemy there. Additionally, she is frequently used versus Uranus, one of the best-performing offlaners when he is in the meta.

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The mage-tank’s ability to absorb the opponent’s shield using her Frostmoon Shield is incredibly effective against other offlaners.

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Furthermore, she can immobilize enemies with Falling Starmoon, and deal consistent damage with Stardust Dance, while ignoring their shield thanks to her passive, Starmoon Casket.

Even so, that doesn’t mean that no one can take on the Astrologer.

Tackle Esmeralda with these 3 best heroes in Mobile Legends


A fighter offlaner who is strong and adept, Thamuz is the perfect counter to Esmeralda because this hero deals enormous physical and true damage in close combat.

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His ability to continue pressuring her with his Molten Sycthes and Chasm Tramnple means that he’s able to curb her capability to regenerate and add shields.

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As Thamuz, you must build Dominance Ice to greatly reduce her shield gain and health regeneration.


Playing mage hero Valir in a side lane is no easy matter. Still, this is a viable strategy if you want to counter Esmeralda.

Burst Fireball and Searing Torrent will prevent her from moving freely, and deter her from walking up to you due to the skills’ slowing and knockback effects. Moreover, his passive, Ashing, has a stun debuff.

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You can also instantly remove her Falling Starmoon’s immobilize effect using the Vengeance Flame ultimate, which also grants movement speed, and enhances your other spells.

Furthermore, purchase Necklace of Durance to weaken her capabilities, acquire shield, and restore her HP.


Even without a buff, assassin hero Gusion will be useful against Esmeralda. A hero who deals the second-highest damage after hyper carries, he can instantly finish off enemies with high regeneration using his deadly combo.

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Uranus and Esmeralda are two heroes that Gusion can kill. The reason is simple: Gusion has immense burst damage, and they will not have time to regenerate.

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