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Games in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang can be extremely fast-paced, and you’ll often need to decide whether to build Immortality, Wind of Nature, or Winter Truncheon to give you insurance in case you get targeted in the thick of battle.

Regardless of your hero pick, these survivability items can spell the difference between victory and defeat.

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Aside from giving you a window to either retaliate or retreat, these items also provide additional stats that can improve your chances of not only surviving engagements but also impacting team fights.

Nonetheless, players often find it hard to distinguish what item to go for and if it’s a good idea to stack one item with the other.

When should you buy Immortality, Wind of Nature, or Winter Truncheon in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Immortality, Wind of Nature, and Winter Truncheon, while categorized under different item classes, all have one thing in common — they can give you precious time to make a quick escape in tight situations, or buy time for your teammates to catch up and join the fight.

Nonetheless, these items differ primarily on how they’re able to give you that window of opportunity. More than that, these equipment are distinct in terms of when they are most effective, and what heroes they counter.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang defensive item Immortality
Credit: ONE Esports

Among these items, Immortality is arguably the most versatile. Whether you’re a squishy mage or a tanky fighter, you’ll benefit from the defensive item’s boost in HP and Physical Defense. What makes it particularly attractive though is its Unique Passive, Immortal, which allows you to be resurrected on the battlefield a few seconds after death.

After being resurrected, you’ll also receive a shield that can absorb damage. This item is particularly important in the late game when resurrection timers are longer and heroes have already completed their item builds.

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Wind of Nature, on the other hand, is an item that enhances both your Physical Attack and Attack Speed, making it an ideal item choice specifically for marksmen. While considered an offensive item, this piece of equipment boosts your survivability as it provides an additional percentage Lifesteal to your hero.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang equipment, Wind of Nature
Credit: ONE Esports

Furthermore, its Unique Active, Wind Chant, makes you immune to all Physical damage for a few seconds. This means that even if you’re a squishy marksman, you have the chance to outmatch physical burst damage heroes such as Aldous or Hayabusa.

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Unlike Immortality — which is typically built as the fourth item at the earliest — you can put Wind of Nature as your first core item for certain heroes. The boost in your physical offense can ramp up your kill potential and farming, and Wind Chant’s gives you a reliable safety net.

Speaking of offensive items that double as a defensive item, Winter Truncheon is another item tweener. The additional Magic Power it packs makes your magic-based skills more potent, while the additional HP and Physical Defense allow you to match better versus Physical Damage heroes.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang magic item Winter Truncheon with mage Eudora on background
Credit: ONE Esports

The item’s Unique Passive, Frozen, freezes your hero for a few seconds and makes you immune to all kinds of damage and debuff. This is particularly useful when you’re facing against the likes of Claude, Wanwan, and Gusion.

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In contrast with Wind of Nature’s unique active skill, you will not be able to deal damage or move when you activate Frozen.

Like Immortality, Winter Truncheon is almost always built as the last item. Mages particularly benefit from the item but other hero classes can reap the advantages of the Frozen unique active, typically purchasing the item when Immortality’s passive is on cooldown.

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