Updated on June 21, 1:00 p.m. (GMT+8): Updated tier 3 talent list based on MLBB patch 1.8.92.

With the continuous updates to emblems in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, it’s understandable that some players may find it challenging to navigate the evolving system.

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However, Moonton ensured that the system was simplified, making it easier than ever to customize talents based on your playstyle.

In this emblem system guide, we will explore each talent within every tier and guide on determining the most suitable choice for each hero.

Emblem system guide: All the changes and improvements

Project NEXT 2023
Credit: Moonton

Mobile Legends’ emblem system has six distinct categories for each role, including a common emblem that combines the previous physical and magic emblems.

Each category is tailored to its respective role and offers fixed specific stats.

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Within each emblem, players can select three from the 26 total talents. Tier 1 talents grant attribute bonuses, while Tier 2 talents are triggered abilities that activate in specific circumstances.

Lastly, Tier 3 talents represent core skills, offering exclusive and potent passive effects.

You can only pick one talent in each tier.

Project NEXT revamped emblems
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Here are all the talents and their effects.

Tier 1 talents

ThrillCommonGain extra adaptive attack.
SwiftCommonGain extra attack speed.
VitalityTankGain extra max HP.
RuptureAssassinGain adaptive penetration.
InspireMageGain extra cooldown reduction.
FirmnessFighterGain extra physical and magic defense.
AgilitySupportGain extra movement speed.
FatalMarskmanGain extra crit chance and extra crit damage.
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Mobile Legends best settings for performance

Tier 2 talents

Wilderness BlessingCommonMovement speed in the jungle and river is increased. This bonus is halved when in combat with enemy heroes, Lord, or Turtle.
Seasoned HunterCommonDamage against Lord and Turtle is increased. This bonus is halved against regular creeps and doesn’t affect the damage of Retribution.
TenacityTankWhen HP is below a specific percentage, physical and magic damage defense is increased.
Master AssassinAssassinIf there is only one enemy hero nearby, damage dealt to them is increased.
Bargain HunterMageEquipment can be purchased at a percentage of their base price.
Festival of BloodFighterGain percentage spell vamp. Each hero kill or assist grants an additional spell vamp, up to eight stacks.
Pull Yourself TogetherSupportCooldown of battle spells and equipment’s active skills are reduced.
Weapons MasterMarksmanPhysical attack and magic power gained from equipment, emblem, talents, and skills are increased.
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Tier 3 talents

Impure RageCommonDealing damage with skills deals a percentage of target’s max HP extra Adaptive Damage and restores mana on hit.
Quantum ChargeCommonDealing damage with Basic Attacks increases Movement Speed by a percentage for a duration and restores HP (scales with level).
Concussive BlastTankAfter the next basic attack, deal Magic Damage based on max HP to nearby enemies.
Killing SpreeAssassinAfter killing an enemy hero, instantly recover a percentage of the max HP and gain Movement Speed.
Lethal IgnitionMageDealing damage greater than a percentage of an enemy hero’s max HP three times within a duration will scorch the target for an additional Adaptive Damage.
Brave SmiteFighterDealing skill damage to an enemy hero recovers a percentage of Max HP
Focusing MarkSupportDealing damage to an enemy hero increases allied heroes’ damage to them by a percentage for three seconds.
Weakness FinderMarskmanBasic attacks slow enemies and reduce their Attack speed.
War CryCommonAfter every three consecutive damage dealt to enemy heroes with separate Basic Attacks or skills, all damage dealt increases for a duration.
Temporal ReignCommonThe next ultimate cast decreases other active skills’ remaining cooldowns by a multiplier within a duration.

What emblem set and talents are suited for me?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang new Battle Setup feature
Credit: ONE Esports

Previously, talents were limited to specific roles, but the new emblem system offers players more flexibility.

Now, players have the option to choose talents from outside their selected emblem set.

For instance, a marksman hero with the marksman emblem set can opt for the mage talent Bargain Hunter if desired. However, it is still advisable to select talents that align with your chosen hero’s role.

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If you find it challenging to decide on the appropriate talents, you can utilize the Battle Setup feature during the preparation stage.

This feature provides a collection of emblem sets and talent combinations curated by professional players and content creators.

Additionally, you can also access the Battle Setup feature during the pick and ban stage.

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