Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch 1.6.18 included four hero revamps and the arrival of the new support hero, Floryn.

It also included a huge nerf to jungle marksmen heroes. However, there are still a few viable options if you are really keen on using marksmen heroes in the jungle.

The current state of jungle marksman in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

According to Moonton, the developers wanted to increase the use rate of marksmen in higher ranks for patch 1.6.18, especially those who haven’t been in the meta for a while.

At the same time, they also intended to shift them from the jungle to the gold lane.

As such, they decreased the damage reduction of Retribution. The jungle blessing’s passive, Hunter, has also been buffed for all roles except marksmen. This means that ranged heroes now deal more damage to the energy shield of turrets.

These changes made it more viable for marksmen to go into the gold lane instead of the jungle.

Still, here are five jungle marksman heroes that are strong enough to make a splash in your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ranked games.

Flourish on these 5 jungle marksman heroes


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Granger
Credit: Moonton

Granger received a buff in patch 1.6.18 that still makes him a solid jungle marksman. His first skill, Rhapsody, now deals 90 extra physical damage to jungle creeps.

On top of that, Granger’s basic attacks are enough to clear jungle creeps really fast compared to other marksman heroes, who need one or two core items before they reach their power spike.

Yi Sun-Shin

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Yi Sun-Shin
Credit: Moonton

Yi Sun-Shin remains a solid pick in the jungle. He is one of the most versatile assassin/marskman heroes that can switch from range to melee with ease.

Aside from his insane damage output, his ultimate, Mountain Shocker, is still one of the best ultimate skills in Mobile Legends. It allows him to see where the enemy is, anywhere on the map, and can secure kills even if he is far away from a team fight.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero Roger in-game
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Much like Yi Sun-Shin, Roger can switch from range to melee attacks, depending on the situation. What makes Roger unique is that he is much easier to play, and his werewolf form hits hard against assassins or marksmen with low HP.

Roger is, and will remain, one of the best jungle marksman options in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.5.96 new hero, Natan
Credit: Moonton

This newly-released hero is one of the top picks in competitive play because his basic attack damage alone can melt any enemies quickly.

The downside is that Natan has a weak early game, so expect a slower clear compared to other jungle marksman heroes. However, once he gets his core items, Natan becomes an untouchable marksman who has insane mobility and attack speed.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang jungle marksmanhero, Bruno
Credit: Moonton

Last but not the least, Bruno has one of the highest burst damage among all the marksman in the game. He may not be as fast as Natan or Roger, but he is the type of jungle marksman who’s almost unstoppable once he completes his full item build.

In the early game, Bruno must rely on the roamer to assist him in jungle camp clearing. Once Bruno picks up his core items, expect nothing but pure carnage in the battlefield.

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