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Moonton wanted to increase the usage rate of marksmen in higher ranks back in patch 1.6.18, especially those who haven’t been in the meta for a while.

At the same time, they also intended for them to be played more in the gold lane.

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As such, it was in this patch that the damage reduction of Retribution was decreased. The jungle blessing’s passive, Hunter, was buffed for all roles except marksmen, so ranged heroes deal more damage to turrets’ energy shields.

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These changes made it more viable for marksmen to go into the gold lane instead of the jungle.

Still, here are five jungle marksman heroes who are strong enough to make a splash in your ranked games.

Flourish on these 5 jungle marksman heroes


Granger‘s first skill, Rhapsody, deals extra physical damage to jungle creeps, making him a great pick in the jungle.

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On top of that, his basic attacks are enough to clear jungle creeps fast compared to other marksman heroes, who need one or two core items before they reach their power spike.

When playing Granger, go for early ganks in the side lanes and make sure to always secure the Molten Fiend buff so that his basic attacks will deal more damage and inflict slow.

Yi Sun-Shin

Yi Sun-Shin remains a solid pick in the jungle. He is one of the most versatile assassin/marksman heroes that can switch from range to melee with ease.

Aside from his insane damage output, his ultimate, Mountain Shocker, is still one of the best ultimate skills in the game.

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It allows him to see where the enemy is, anywhere on the map, and can secure kills even if he is far away from a team fight.

In team fights, initiate with Mountain Shocker, which will give you an idea of where the enemy’s backline is currently positioned. If they are nearby, close the gap using Traceless to maximize your damage output.

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Consider Blade of Despair when you’re ahead for increased damage potential, or opt for Hunter’s Strike if you want to play it safe.


Much like Yi Sun-Shin, Roger can switch from range to melee attacks, depending on the situation.

What makes Roger unique is that he is much easier to play, and his werewolf form hits hard against assassins or marksmen with low HP.

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His main drawback lies in his vulnerability to burst damage, and he struggles in team fights when faced with a multitude of crowd control abilities.

Additionally, he excels as an early-game hero, making it crucial to secure kills within the first five minutes.


Natan’s basic attack damage alone can melt any enemy quickly.

The only downside is that he doesn’t have any crowd-control skills, making him a very lineup-dependent hero.

If you want to play this hero in the jungle, make sure you have at least two teammates who can set up team fights.

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Unlike most marksman heroes, Natan scales with magic damage, making items like Feather of Heaven and Starlium Scythe particularly effective for him.

During the initial five minutes of the game, prioritize farming until you’ve completed at least one item.

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Once you have your core item, coordinate with your teammates to initiate team fights, then unleash Natan’s Entropy? ultimate for maximum impact.


Last but not least, Bruno has one of the highest burst damage among all the marksmen in the game.

He may not be as fast as Natan or Roger, but he is the type of jungle marksman who’s almost unstoppable once he completes his item build.

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In the early game, Bruno must rely on the roamer to assist him in jungle camp clearing. Once he picks up his core items, expect nothing but pure carnage on the battlefield.

For his item build, go for critical damage items like Berserker’s Fury and Haas Claws, then buy Blade of Despair and Windtalker if you are ahead in the game.

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Otherwise, buy Immortality or Wind of Nature if the enemy team is ahead to help you survive during team fights.

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