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Whether you play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang regularly or you just started learning the game, you will struggle to win and rank up at some point in your journey.

On top of that, the MOBA title is constantly evolving, and with it, the skill level of players on the server.

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To win games is one thing, but to rank up fast is a whole new challenge entirely. Nonetheless, this goal is achievable once you approach the game by looking at it in its most fundamental form.

In this guide, we’ll give you tried and tested tips on how to climb the ladder fast. You’ll be surprised by how simple and straightforward some of these tips are, and wonder why you haven’t been doing it routinely in the first place.

Rank up fast in Mobile Legends using these best tips

Play more squad ranked games

Mobile Legends is a team game, which means that it requires good coordination and synergy between players. This is why queuing with people you already know in squad ranked is almost always better than trying your luck at solo-ranked.

Opting to play more squad-ranked games gives you the opportunity to strategize and communicate effectively in real-time. You can coordinate ganks, prioritize objectives, and cover each other’s weaknesses.

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Additionally, playing in a team ensures a consistent and reliable hero composition. In solo-ranked games, it can be a hit or miss when it comes to the roles that your teammates choose to play. You may end up with a composition that lacks a proper tank or support, or even worse, a team with all damage dealers.

Credit: ONE Esports

When in a squad, you can agree on a balanced team composition and have designated roles for each player to specialize in. This guarantees a better chance of winning the game.

So what are you waiting for? Call your friends up before logging in.

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Master at least three heroes per role

Credit: ONE Esports

There is an obvious benefit in mastering at least two heroes per role in Mobile Legends, as the common advice goes.

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For one, you get to play your comfort pick if the situation permits, and have some level of insurance in case it gets banned or picked by the other team. But in order to ramp up your rise to the top, the most practical and manageable advice is to master not two, but at least three heroes per role.

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Why? For one, it adds another safety net for situations where your heroes are countered or do not fit your team composition. Another advantage is that you get to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each of them, which in turn makes it easier for you to anticipate their abilities and play against them in-game.

Mastering heroes need not be a hassle. We have comprehensive guides on ONE Esports to help you master in-game mechanics, and learn new heroes, their proper item builds, emblems, combos, and more.

Understand the current meta

MLBB new item Starlium Scythe featuring Harith
Credit: ONE Esports

If you look closely at what quality all high-ranked players have in common, it’s that they are always on top of the current meta. The game is ever-evolving, and the ones who can adapt quicker are the ones you find at the top.

By staying up-to-date with the latest meta, you’ll know which heroes are most favored in the current state of the game, why they are strong, and learn when to pick them accordingly. Moreover, understanding the meta also means knowing which items and builds to prioritize for your chosen hero.

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This equips you with the ability to anticipate your opponent’s moves and make better decisions in-game. If you know that the current meta revolves around certain heroes or playstyles, then you can predict what your opponents are likely to pick or do. You’ll then be able to select the best counter picks and buy items that will give you a significant edge over them.

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An easy way to do this is by following Mobile Legends esports, where you can watch the best players compete against one another. Tune in to what pros do in their matches, and listen to what the casters have to say. Follow this up by mirroring what you’ve learned to your ranked games.

Watch your game replays and learn from them

Credit: ONE Esports

Here’s some practical advice you may not have heard before—treat yourself like a pro and watch your replays. It’s perhaps one of the best ways to improve your gameplay and rank up fast in Mobile Legends.

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Firstly, it allows you to see where you made mistakes and where you could have played better. It’s all well and good to finish a game and think, “Yeah, we won!” or “We lost, but it wasn’t my fault”.

But if you take the time to watch the replay, you’ll get a much clearer picture of what actually happened. Maybe you missed an opportunity to gank an enemy hero, or maybe you failed to rotate in time to defend your turret.

Credit: ONE Esports

More than that, it also helps you to improve your overall game sense. This means that you’ll improve your ability to read the map, predict enemy movements, and make better decisions about when to engage in fights.

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By watching your replays, you’ll start to pick up on little details that you might have missed before, like the enemy team’s positioning or the timing of their abilities. All of this knowledge will help you become a better player, and it’s definitely worth the time investment.

Watch five of your most recent games by heading over to your profile and tapping “Battlefield”. Select “Replays” and choose a game you wish to view. Good luck!

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