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Harnessing the power of natural magic, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tank Hylos pledges to punish all those who try to invade his dominion and thwart the dark forces that aim to corrupt the world.

The Grand Warden’s stature is as magnificent as what he can do on the battlefield. He has one of the highest base HP among the heroes in the Land of Dawn and has the unique ability to use his life force to cast skills.

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This allows him to be at the vanguard for his team in fights as he can soak enormous amounts of damage and deal magic damage at the same time.

This solid blend of offense and defense, alongside his ability to provide incredible utility for his allies, makes him an impactful hero in all stages of the game especially in the roamer role— if you play him correctly.

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In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the legendary centaur, including his skills, combos, emblems, battle spells, best build, and some tips to help you get started.

Hylos’ skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Thickened Blood

Hylos gains extra Max HP for every extra Max Mana he possesses. When out of Mana, Hylos can use his HP for skill casts.

  • The unique passive allows you to impact the game even when out of mana.
  • This works well with mana regeneration and HP boost items.

First Skill – Law and Order

Hylos gains a percentage of Movement Speed and causes his next Basic Attack within a few seconds to deal Magic Damage to a target, and knock back and stun him for a quick duration.

  • This damage counts as Skill Damage.
  • The extra Movement Speed rapidly decays over the duration and ends after the next Basic Attack.
  • Use this to go after the squishy enemies on the back lines, or control enemy playmakers.
  • Make sure to use Target-locking to make sure your stun hits the right hero.

Second Skill – Ring of Punishment

Hylos releases the Ring of Punishment, dealing Magic Damage to nearby enemies per second while slowing them down and reducing their Attack Speed by a certain percentage for a duration (up to a number of stacks).

Each stack also increases the enemy’s damage taken from the Ring of Punishment by a percentage. The ability continually consumes mana when active. Use again: Hylos cancels the Ring of Punishment.

  • This is your primary damage ability.
  • Since the skill essentially has no cooldown, use it often, especially when near multiple enemies.
  • Do not forget to tap it again once there are no enemies on site as it can quickly sap your mana and HP.

Ultimate – Glorious Pathway

Hylos creates a huge pathway in the target direction, reducing the enemies’ Movement Speed immensely for a quick duration. The pathway lasts for a couple of seconds.

When on the pathway, Hylos gains Slow Immunity and recovers a percentage of his Max HP per second. Allied heroes moving along the pathway gain extra Movement Speed, while the enemy heroes on the pathway will be slowed by a huge percentage.

  • Use this ability to initiate team fights or a tool so you and your team can escape sticky situations.
  • When initiating, cast the Ultimate so that it is placed where your enemies are to capitalize on the slow effects instantly.

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Recommended battle spell for Hylos

Recommended Battle Spells for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tank hero Hylos
Credit: ONE Esports

Revitalize is an effective battle spell to boost the Grand Warden’s utility in prolonged team fights.

The percentage Max HP regeneration also syncs well with the hero’s passive and can help rapidly rejuvenate your lost HP to maintain your position at the front of your team.

This can also be a valuable tool to assist your low HP teammates when they get targeted by the enemy. This way, you can help your allies regenerate and open a chance to initiate a counter-engage.

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Another good option is the Vengeance battle spell. This makes the tank even sturdier as he can soak more damage and reflect it as Magic Damage.

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This is most effective when you find yourself head-to-head with high-damage, high attack speed, but squishy heroes like most marksmen and mages.

Recommended emblem for Hylos

Recommended emblem for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tank hero Hylos
Credit: ONE Esports

For your first standard talent, Vitality is a good choice. The extra Max HP from the talent allows you to soak and deal damage, especially in the early game where you do not have items to pad your HP yet.

As for your second talent, choose Tenacity. Since you’re going to rely on your HP a lot when your mana is depleted, you’ll inevitably find yourself in the middle of fights with a low HP bar.

This is when the talent is most beneficial, buffing your physical and magic defense when your HP bar goes down to a certain percentage.

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Finally, it’s recommended to pick Concussive Blast as your core talent. The HP-based Area-Of-Effect (AOE) damage on your next basic attack is a good way to soften the enemies before your damage dealers get to them.

The core talent also syncs well with your Ring of Punishment skill, allowing you to inflict more damage on the enemy.

Best Build for Hylos

Recommended item build for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tank hero Hylos
Credit: ONE Esports

To maximize Hylos’ potential, focus on items that increase his durability and mana pool. After boots, purchase Cursed Helmet for an early boost in HP. The item’s passive, Burning Soul, also harmonizes well with your Ring of Punishment ability as it also allows you to deal HP-based damage.

Dominance Ice should be your next priority. The item is a must for your hero because not only does it boost your sustainability, but it also allows you to use your skills more frequently due to the mana regeneration effects.

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Depending on the kind of magic damage dealers on the enemy team, choose between Athena’s Shield or Radiant armor. Both items strengthen your magic defense and increase your HP.

After that, you can now beef up your physical defense with Antique Cuirass. Round out your item build with Immortality for more HP, physical defense, and late-game insurance.

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The best build for Hylos in Mobile Legends

  • Tough Boots
  • Cursed Helmet
  • Dominance Ice
  • Athena’s Shield
  • Antique Cuirass
  • Immortality

Easy combos to learn for Hylos

Due to your durability and utility, you will likely fill in either the roam or EXP lane role for your team.

Your job will be to control the enemy and soak damage— to give time for your damage dealers to position and unleash destruction on the opposition.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Phantom Seer Hylos
Credit: Moonton

To do this, you need to capitalize on your unique abilities to get to the front lines as much as you can. Use Law and Order to quickly close the gap to your target.

It’s recommended to use Hero Lock mode so you can apply the stun on the next Basic Attack to the right target.

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After that, tap on your Ring of Punishment skill. The damage and slow effects from this ability will soften the enemy, enough for your teammates to catch up and take him down. Use Glorious Pathway if the enemy survives and tries to escape.

There are also times when need to initiate using your ultimate. Do this when the enemy team is on the back pedal, unwilling to engage, or outnumbered.

Remember, to communicate with your team regarding your targets before initiating. You should never charge without your teammates ready to back you up as you may find yourself in an off position, and outnumbered by the enemy.

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