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You would not want to engage Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tank/fighter hero Gatotkaca in close combat.

Thanks to his Steel Bones passive, he gains extra physical defense and enhanced basic attacks that have lifesteal effect whenever he receives damage.

His ultimate, Avatar of the Guardian, enables him to jump a long distance and knock enemies airborne in a large area while dealing massive damage to them.

He slows down his opponents with Blast Iron Fist and taunts them with Unbreakable, effectively triggering his passive.

However, the Mighty Legend is very reliant on landing his ultimate and hitting enemies with his enhanced melee attacks. As such, heroes with high mobility, crowd control remover, and multiple control skills can easily deal with him.

Three powerful counters to Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends


Neon Lightwheel Karrie is the shining star in MLBB's 2020 Starlight Edition
Credit Moonton

Karrie is a great marksman to pick against tanky heroes, like Gatotkaca. She possesses high mobility and true damage in her arsenal.

When he uses Avatar of the Guardian on you, use Phantom Step to get out of its area of effect. Throw the Spinning Lightwheel to slow him down, then trigger Speedy Lightwheel and hit him with basic attacks to deal true damage from the Lightwheel Mark passive.

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Remember to keep a safe distance while attacking him. Choose Flicker as your battle spell for extra mobility.

Purchase Sea Halberd, which weakens lifesteal, after getting the core items for Karrie.

Granger and Claude are viable alternatives if Karrie is not available.

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Pigeoneer Diggie skin official wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

What makes Diggie a real headache to Gatotkaca is its ultimate, Time Journey, which instantly removes all crowd control effects (except suppression) and provides a shield to the team.

Cast Time Journey as soon as you and your allies get hit by Avatar of the Guardian. After retreating to safety, control him using Reverse Time, and follow it up with Auto Alarm Bomb for some damage.

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Buy Fleeting Time, Magic Shoes, and Enchanted Talisman to greatly reduce Time Journey’s cooldown. By doing so, you’ll be able to use it more frequently and keep your team safe from Gatotkaca’s crowd control abilities.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang new Starlight skin for October, Pirate Parrot Ruby
Credit: Moonton

If you’re looking for a hero who can hold her own against Gatotkaca, Ruby is an excellent choice due to her crowd control skills and massive spell vamp.

In a 1v1 situation, use Be good! to slow him down, and Don’t run, Wolf King! to interrupt his attacks. If he tries to escape, pull him back using I’m offended!

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Take advantage of Ruby’s dash ability from her Let’s dance! passive to dodge his attacks. Execute is an excellent battle spell to finish him off when he’s low on HP.

Build Dominance Ice or Sea Halberd to reduce his lifesteal. If he opts for a magic build, consider getting Athena’s Shield to negate his damage.

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