Gord’s ability to dictate the flow of the game and provide insane amounts of damage from a safe distance is a big reason why he is on the rise as one of the power picks in the midlane in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ranked and pro play.

The mage’s Mystic Projectile and Mystic Injunction abilities enable him to quickly clear lanes and poke his opposing laner at will. The long casting range of these abilities also allows him to greatly impact team fights from the back line.

But it is his ultimate, Mystic Gush, that makes him a weapon of mass destruction in the Land of Dawn. Upon activating this skill, he fires a blast of energy to a certain direction from a long distance, dealing substantial magic damage per second, and applying slow effects to enemies hit.

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As inherently powerful as the Professor of the Mystic is, his impact on the game is directly related to your understanding of which items to leverage at different stages of the game.

In this guide, you will learn the best items that you can build for Gord, with detailed information on each item’s strengths, and how these impact your gameplay using the hero.

The 3 best items you can build for Gord in Mobile Legends

Ice Queen Wand

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang magic item Ice Queen Wand on Gord background
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As Gord, one of your biggest upsides is your ability to dictate the flow of team fights using your crowd control abilities. The magic item Ice Queen Wand tremendously enhances this, allowing you to impact engagements even at the early stages of the game.

The item’s special passive, Ice Bond, slows down enemies by a certain percentage for a duration each time your skill hits.

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This means that each time you land your skill, you make it harder for your enemies to escape or retaliate, giving your team a distinct advantage during fights.

But it’s not only the crowd control buff that makes it one of the best items for the hero. It also packs additional Magic Power that boosts your Magic Damage, a spell vamp that increases your survivability, and extra movement speed that is huge for your low-mobility hero.

You can opt to build Ice Queen Wand after your boots, or right after building Enchanted Talisman if you want to more easily manage your mana usage.

Glowing Wand

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang magic item Glowing Wand on Gord background
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One item that significantly boosts your kill potential as Gord is the magic item, Glowing Wand.

This is all thanks to the item’s unique passive ability, Scorch, which inflicts a burn effect on your enemies for a couple of seconds each time any of your skills hit.

What makes it even more appealing is that it allows you to deal HP percentage-based damage as Magic Damage to your targets, making Gord lethal even against high-HP tanks and fighters.

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Aside from its passive, the item also addresses your hero’s key weaknesses — your durability and mobility. The additional HP and movement speed enhance your survivability and lets you stay and impact fights longer.

Divine Glaive

If you’re looking to amp your kill threat using Gord, there is no better item to build for him than the Divine Glaive.

With the item providing a significant boost to Gord’s Magic Power and Magic Penetration, you can dish out insane amounts of damage even in the late game, when enemies will have already built their magic defense items.

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This piece of equipment also packs a unique passive called Spellbreaker, which allows you to gain a percentage of Magic Penetration for each point of your enemy’s Magic Defense.

Practically speaking, the enemy team will only be helping you dish out more damage as they build more Magic Defense. This is also why it’s the best item to close out your item progression.

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