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Move over, Sonic the Hedgehog! There’s a new speedy roller in town, and his name is Baxia.

This tank hero is known for his ability to roll around the battlefield using Shield Unity, stunning those caught in its wake. But that’s not all — Baxia also has anti-healing capabilities that would make healers like Estes tremble in fright.

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Baxia is a highly dependable when it comes to initiating team fights. However, taking on this tank hero can prove to be quite challenging. There are a few heroes who can stop him in his tracks, and the best thing is that you don’t even need to pick a tank hero to take him down.

Here are three heroes you might want to consider if you’re up against the Mystic Tortoise in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

These 3 Mobile Legends heroes are all you need to stop Baxia in his tracks


If you’re looking to take down tank heroes like Baxia in the game, your best bet is to use marksman Karrie.

Karrie’s passive ability enables her to inflict true damage, allowing her to deal significant damage even if Baxia has full physical defense items. Moreover, she has a mobility skill that allows her to evade Shield Unity when used at the right time.

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To increase Karrie’s damage output, prioritize on-hit attack items like Demon Hunter Sword, Golden Staff, and Corrosion Scythe. If the opposing team is in the lead, consider building at least one defensive item like Immortality or Brute Force Breastplate.

Using Karrie in this matchup necessitates practice, but once you’ve mastered her, it will all be worth it.


Valir is an excellent hero to use against initiators. Burst Fireball can deal continuous magic damage to Baxia during team fights, while Searing Torrent can be used to push him away if he gets too close.

If Baxia successfully stuns Valir with Shield Unity, Valir can use his ultimate ability, Vengeance Flame, to purify the stun.

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However, Valir is susceptible if his skills are on cooldown, so it’s critical to prioritize them and avoid wasting them on other heroes unless necessary.

If you’re still struggling in this matchup, consider building Winter Truncheon to increase your survivability.

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If you’re playing in the EXP lane and you’re facing Baxia, Terizla would be a wise choice.

Terizla has an ideal combination of offensive and defensive stats, allowing him to inflict damage while and endure prolonged team fights. He can also put Baxia in place with Penalty Zone, preventing him from using Shield Unity to escape.

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Prioritize purchasing Bloodlust Axe first for the spell vamp boost, which will help him survive the laning phase and ganks.

It’s also crucial to opt for a bruiser build, prioritizing items such as Dominance Ice and Queen’s Wings. If you’re significantly ahead, consider acquiring Hunter’s Strike for additional damage.

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