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Johnson, the Mustang, is one of the most mobile heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Using his Rapid Touchdown ultimate, he can bring an ally with him and gank enemy heroes across the map.

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Deadly Pincers stun, while Electromag Rays deal decent magic DPS and a slow effect. Electro-airbag, his passive, gives him a huge shield when he’s low in HP, allowing him to absorb more damage in team fights.

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Three strong counters to Johnson in Mobile Legends


Never underestimate Diggie.

This cute little bird’s ultimate, Time Journey, can instantly remove all crowd controls except suppression, and provide a shield to the team.

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Cast Time Journey as soon as Johnson collides with your allies. Pull him or his companion with Reverse Time when they try to flee.

Remember to buy Fleeting Time and other items that reduce Time Journey’s cooldown, such as Magic Shoes and Enchanted Talisman.


Martis is one of the few heroes in the Land of Dawn who gains control immunity when using a certain skill. This comes from his second spell, Mortal Coil.

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Use Mortal Coil to avoid getting stunned by Johnson’s Rapid Touchdown and stop him on the spot. Strike him with Ashura Aura and basic attacks before finishing him off with Decimation.

After getting your damage items, purchase defensive items like Dominance Ice and Radiant Armor, so you won’t take much damage on the initial collision and ensuing clash.


Atlas would love to take Rapid Touchdown head-on for an easy setup of his Fatal Links ultimate.

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Cast Perfect Match and collide with Johnson. Drag him and his ally with Fatal Links, then use Annihilate to activate the Frigid Breath passive. Coordinate with your teammates when you initiate.

Buy Fleeting Time to greatly reduce the cooldown of Fatal Links. Alternatively, Belerick or Tigreal are viable options if Atlas is not available.

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