Franco, the Frozen Warrior, is a powerful tank/support hero who boasts a high pick rate across all ranks in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

He can rotate quickly, pull enemies from a distance, and slow them down, making him one of the best gankers in the Land of Dawn. Furthermore, he is one of the few heroes who possess the highest level of control effect known as suppression.

With his exceptional abilities to hook and suppress enemies, he can completely turn the tide of any battle in his team’s favor.

Learn more about the hero in this Mobile Legends beginner’s guide, which covers recommended emblems, best battle spell, best build, and skill combos.

Franco’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Wasteland Force

If no damage is taken within 5 seconds, Franco gains extra Movement Speed, restores a percentage of his Max HP per second, and begins accumulating Wasteland Force (up to 10 stacks).

  • He will consume all the Wasteland Force stacks on his next skill cast, increasing the skill’s damage.
  • Wasteland Force stacks will not be consumed if you don’t hit enemies or jungle creeps.
  • Wasteland Force will not reset if the damage taken by Franco is absorbed by a shield.
  • The passive lets him rotate quickly across the map, enabling him to gank efficiently.
  • Remember to buy Rapid Boots to maximize the bonus movement speed.

First skill – Iron Hook

Franco launches an iron hook in the target direction, dealing physical damage to the first enemy hit and dragging them toward him.

  • The hook can go through walls and turrets. It can only be blocked by Lolita’s Guardian’s Bulwark.
  • The enemy gets stunned while being hooked.
  • Use the bushes to make your hooks more unpredictable.
  • Use this to disrupt the enemy jungler’s farming, or force the others to use their battle spells in the early game.
  • To up your chances of hooking enemy heroes, aim for the feet or place to the left side of the skill indicator on the target.
  • Combine this with Flicker to pull enemies further, or increase the range of the hook and shorten its cast animation.
  • Use this to scout enemies in the bushes from time to time.
  • Max this first to reduce its cooldown.

Second skill – Fury Shock

Franco lashes out, dealing physical damage to enemies and slowing them for 1.5 seconds.

  • The higher HP you have, the more damage Fury Shock deals.
  • Use this to leash your jungler in the early game.
  • You can also help an ally in clearing minion waves, especially your mid laner, so he can go with you in ganking enemies in the side lanes.
  • Slow down enemies with this when they are trying to chase you or an ally.
  • This deals damage and slows enemies hiding in the bush, but doesn’t reveal them.

Ultimate – Bloody Hunt

Franco suppresses the target enemy hero for 1.8 seconds and strikes them 6 times over the duration, each time dealing physical damage.

  • As a skill that has a suppression effect, this cannot be removed by Purify.
  • This prevents the target from moving, attacking, and using skills.
  • This also cancels all skills (including those with control immunity, such as Badang’s Fist Crack, Guinevere’s Violet Requiem, and Yve’s Real World Manipulation), and ignores resilience or control reduction effects.
  • Bloody Hunt has a short range, so use Flicker or Conceal to close the gap against your target.

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A comprehensive guide on how to play Franco in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Franco guide-Flicker battle spell
Credit: ONE Esports

Flicker is the perfect battle spell for Franco. Using Flicker in combination with Iron Hook can be a game-changer. You can pull enemies further by using Flicker backwards. Alternatively, you can increase the range of the hook and reduce its cast animation by using it forward.

Flicker is also incredibly useful for ganking enemies with Bloody Hunt, as it allows you to quickly cut the gap and catch them off guard. Moreover, since Franco doesn’t have a mobility spell, Flicker can be a great escape tool in sticky situations.

Recommended emblem

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Franco guide-Pull Yourself Together and Tenacity emblem talents
Credit: ONE Esports

The Support emblem with Pull Yourself Together talent is highly recommended. This reduces respawn time and, more importantly, the cooldown of your battle spell. Distribute points in Mastery for cooldown reduction and Agility for extra movement speed, then go all in on Recovery for better HP and mana regeneration.

If your team lacks a tanky EXP laner or jungler, you may consider selecting the Tank emblem with Tenacity. Allocate one point each in Vitality, Firmness, and Shield, and max out Inspire for cooldown reduction. This can help you absorb more damage and protect your allies during team fights.

Best item build

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Franco guide-best build
Credit: ONE Esports

Rapid Boots is a must-buy for Franco to maximize his passive. If you’re playing as the team’s roamer, consider choosing the Conceal blessing to help with your ganking. As for defensive items, it’s crucial to adapt to the opposing team’s composition. A mix of physical and magic defense items is ideal.

Start off with Dominance Ice. To repel magic damage, buy Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor. For physical damage, purchase Assault Cuirass or Blade Armor. Lastly, remember to get Immortality to increase your survivability.

If you want to deal damage while still being tanky, you can buy Cursed Helmet and Guardian Helmet. These items provide additional magic damage and sustain.

The key to winning as Franco is to be an effective initiator and disruptor for your team. Prioritize items that will help you achieve this and adjust your build accordingly based on the situation.

Combos to learn

Franco’s skill combo is super effective in taking down a single target. Start by landing Iron Hook on an enemy, and follow it up with Bloody Hunt to hold them in place. Then, cast Fury Shock to deal massive damage. Coordinate with your teammates to focus fire and burst down the target quickly.

For added effectiveness of the Iron Hook, use Flicker backward once the hook is attached to the enemy to pull them further towards your allies or turret. Alternatively, you can tap Flicker right after casting Iron Hook to extend its range and surprise your enemies.

Of course, landing a hook is easier said than done, so make sure to practice this skill in classic matches. With enough practice, you’ll be able to master Franco’s combo and become a formidable force in the battlefield.

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