If there’s one mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who can dish out the most damage, stun the longest, and be a monster throughout a match, it would have to be Selena.

Selena is an excellent pick in every team composition. Mastering her will surely get you to Mythic tier. Even the pros share the same sentiment, for she is one of the most banned heroes of all time, and is usually picked every time she’s open.

So how does one counter her?

Here are three heroes that will make your life easier against the Abyssal Witch


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang support hero, Diggie
Credit: Moonton

First on our list is the Timekeeper, Diggie. What makes him exceptionally well against Selena is his ultimate, Time Journey, which can cleanse Abyssal Arrow’s stun.

On top of that, Diggie can stop her combo with Reverse Time, and burst her down with Auto Alarm Bomb.

The feeding Diggie strategy also works against her, denying her the ability to hide in bushes and set up Abyssal Arrow plays.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Khufra
Credit: Moonton

It’s a common strategy for Selena users to disrupt the enemy’s core from jungling in the first five minutes of a game. Khufra is the perfect tank to stop her from annoying your team’s core.

All of his abilities have crowd control, which can be problematic for her. Plus, Khufra’s Bouncing Ball can put a halt to Selena’s Soul Eater-Garotte combo!

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang starlight skin, Rainy Walk Kagura
Credit: Moonton

Kagura is the best mage choice if you want to outplay the Abyssal Witch in the mid lane. Rasho Umbrella Flee can remove the stun from Abyssal Arrow, which gives you ample time to fight back.

One combo of Kagura usually gets the job done. Yin Yang Overturn is another effective ability to use against Selena, as it can knock her back or stun her with Seimei Umbrella Open.

Ultimately, this is a battle of who has the fastest fingers. In an equal matchup, Kagura should still be the clear winner.

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