Hilda is as pesky as she can be in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, whether she is roaming or in the EXP lane.

Trading damage with her in the early game is difficult because of her passive, Blessing of Wilderness. It gives her HP regeneration and a shield when she enters a bush.

She deals decent damage with all her active abilities. Additionally, her first skill, Combat Ritual, enables her to chase enemies or escape from them.

Fortunately, there are some heroes who can handle her, and here are the ones who do it best.

3 counters to Hilda in Mobile Legends


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin, Infernal Blaze Valir
Credit: Moonton

Valir‘s skill set has knockback, slow, and stun, which will stop Hilda in her tracks.

Push her away using Searing Torrent and repeatedly hit her with Burst Fireball, which then activates the stun and additional damage from Ashing. If she manages to slow or stun you, quickly cast Vengeance Flame to remove the debuff while enhancing your skills.

Remember to buy Necklace of Durance after purchasing Boots and Ice Queen Wand to lessen her regen and shield gain.

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Mobile Legends Gill-Girl Karrie skin official wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Karrie can shred tanky heroes thanks to her passive, Lightwheel Mark, which deals true damage.

When Hilda tries to run at you, use the Spinning Lightwheel to slow her down then dash away with Phantom Step. During this time, activate the Speedy Lightwheel and hit her with basic attacks, but make sure to keep your distance.

Buying a Demon Hunter Sword can greatly help in taking down the fighter/tank hero.


VENOM Cobra Dyrroth skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Dyrroth is another hero who can effectively deal with tanky opponents using his unique skill set.

Narrow the gap against Hilda using Spectre Step then cast it again to release the Fatal Strike, which reduces the target’s physical defense. Bring her down with Burst Strike, Abysm Strike, and basic attacks.

After getting your damage items like Hunter Strike and Blade of Heptaseas, purchase Dominance Ice to reduce her regen and shield effects while increasing your physical defense.

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