Beware of Tigreal‘s chiseled physique and good looks! In a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ranked game, facing off against this iconic tank hero is not a situation you want to find yourself in.

As one of the oldest heroes in the game, his timeless skillset makes him a favorite among novice and Mythical Glory players alike.

He can slow down enemies with Attack Wave and close the gap with Sacred Hammer. His ultimate, Implosion, pulls enemies towards him and stuns them for a whopping 1.5 seconds, making it one of the most game-changing team fight initiation skills in the game.

Even though he’s been around for quite some time, some players still have a hard time playing against him. Here are three heroes to help you out if you find yourself going up against the Warrior of Dawn.

3 heroes who can stop Tigreal in Mobile Legends


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Diggie
Credit: Moonton

The first hero on the list is Diggie. This is because his skill set is perfectly suited to counter team fight initiators with a lot of crowd control, which is exactly what Tigreal is known for.

Diggie can stop Tigreal’s Sacred Hammer with Reverse Time and Auto Alarm Bomb. What puts him on top of this matchup is his ultimate, Time Journey, which purifies all crowd control effects for nearby allies. This makes it difficult for Tigreal to execute his Flicker-Implosion combo during team fights.

To maximize Diggie’s potential, players should prioritize the Fleeting Time skill for ultimate cooldown reduction. They can also use Flameshot to cancel Implosion if Time Journey is on cooldown.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin, Valir
Credit: Moonton

Valir is a great hero to counter tanks such as Tigreal. Burst Fireball can detect nearby bushes and disrupt enemy tanks from starting a team fight. He can use Searing Torrent to push back any foes who do manage to enter the fight.

Valir also has a built-in Purify spell with Vengeance Flame, allowing him to easily escape from Tigreal’s Implosion ultimate.

Consider going for Ice Queen Wand for the slow effect and Glowing Wand to increase your magic power. If you’re up against a team with multiple initiators, Winter Truncheon is your best bet.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tank hero, Khufra
Credit: Moonton

One way to counter an opponent with strong initiation skills is to pick a hero who excels in the same area. Khufra is a great choice when facing off against Tigreal since they both possess multiple crowd control skills.

What sets Khufra apart, however, is his Bouncing Ball skill, which can cancel Tigreal’s Sacred Hammer and Flicker-Implosion combo. Unlike Implosion, Khufra’s ultimate, Tyrant’s Rage, cannot be canceled by stuns and suppressions.

In a matchup between these two heroes, success will depend on who can set up fights better. If both players are evenly matched, Khufra will come out on top.

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